Dance the Night Away

Summer Solstice, Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius, and Sun in Cancer

Happy Birthday to all the Crabs out here! Today, on June 20th, the sun enters into Cancer, the crab. Venus, the planet of love and feminine energy made her way into Cancer on the 17th, so there’s a real feeling of sentimentality, beauty, nesting, and nurturing happening the next few days. The Full Moon is in Sagittarius tonight, so a great place to have your Full Moon ritual will be in your own home! This is a time for nesting and celebrating in an intimate space with close friends and family. Dance your dreams into fruition on this fabulously exuberant and fun full moon. Let yourself go and release all the inhibitions normally surrounding you. It’s not relevant whether or not you look good. What matters is to dance and celebrate the releasing of old energies and the creation of new. With the summer solstice happening on this day, it’s time to move old energies through us and dancing provides that opportunity. So, dance the night away!

On a personal note, while I’m waiting for my book to continue through the publishing process, I’ve been told to continue writing while I wait! I’ve written an ebook, "DREAM INTERPRETATION GUIDE" and am gifting it to you.

This week I have limited availability. I’m going on a research trip to Canada, for my next book. I’m super excited and will share more along the way.

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Wishing you all a fabulously wonder filled week!

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