Sometimes I'm grateful I'm wrong

Sometimes I'm grateful I'm wrong

Since High School, people have called me for advice and psychic insight. Over the years, I’ve run a high accuracy rate, even though my timing in some instances is off. I’m thrilled when I accurately predict a job coming to fruition, a pregnancy, romantic relationships happening, and working out, and then there are times, I am so grateful I’m wrong and way off.

Right now, I am hoping and praying my predictions for 2016, are off and wrong. Back in September of 2015, I publicly expressed my  predictions for the first time ever. As I read them today, I am frightened I just may be right about the “big ones”. My sympathy and condolences to those who tragically and senselessly lost family and friends during this horrific attack in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday, June 12, 2016. You can go here to read my 2016 predictions: Click here!

If you believe in parallel universes and multiple timelines, then you’ll believe it is also possible to shift your experiences through your intentions. How can you live and walk in a parallel universe, and possibly be unaffected by events happening in the world? Well, let’s look at 2008.  Millions of Americans were affected by the financial crisis, and yet, others thrived and saw their best years ever.  If you want to walk through 2016, contributing, changing the world, and being a light worker,  you start with yourself and your thoughts.

In life, there are always two sides to an event. There is the front of the hand, and the back of the hand. In order to see light, we have dark. We have wealth and poverty. We have action and inaction. When Mars retrograded, only once every two years, things went to sleep.  Plans, dreams, actions, new beginnings  backfired or never even took  off.  The good news is that Mars ends his retrograde on June 29th, 2016 and I want you to be ready to lift off, launch, create the powerful life you say you’ve wanted since forever. Now, is the time to work with these energies and myself to create this life for you. The unfortunate news of Mars going forward, after a retrograde, is that it contains bottled, thwarted energy, some good and some evil. This energy needs to be expressed. We need light workers to balance the uncontrolled and “wrong actions” of people on the planet. We need light workers to work good for mankind. During these next few weeks, I am looking for people to work with me, to use this energy of Mars going direct, and creating  the powerful life you say you’ve wanted since forever. Now, is the time to work with these energies and myself, to create this life for you, while spreading light and healing to the planet. You can learn more about my accelerated astro-consulting program here!

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May you have a blessed and wonderful week. May you send prayers and healing energies to all on our planet. Stay in the light. Work in the light, and release your fears and please be mindful of your conversations, so that you do not buy into and perpetuate hate, strife, and negativity, during this crucially powerful planetary time.

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