One Down and Four to Go!

Have you been feeling the heaviness around us? I’ve had a number of clients and friends share they’re feeling down, scattered, disoriented, confused, and even depressed. Mostly I’ve heard the word “confused” a lot. Well, I’m not a bit surprised. We’ve had 5 major planets go retrograde these last few days and there’s been a huge buzz about it in the astrological community. If you’re an old pro at astrology you may want to skip this next part. I’m dedicating part of today’s email to introducing a bit about the Retrogrades and how it might affect you. Firstly, in astrology, a chart is divided into 12 houses. Each house represents an aspect of life. If you go to the Astrological Primer of my website you will see a detailed description of each of the houses and what they represent. Now, the planets move through each house every few months. In your natal chart ( where the planets are located at the time of your birth), each planet falls into a House. The planet and what it represents and where it is located determines what is happening in your life at the moment. Each person’s chart is unique. So, when we do general astrology, it’s not really accurate.

So, right now, let’s take a look at some of the major planets influencing us and our behavior. They are:

  •     Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune.
  •     Mercury, the planet of communication, delivery, and speed.
  •     Saturn, the planet of learning and lessons and law and order.
  •     Mars,the planet of action and energy.
  •     Pluto, the planet of transformation, regeneration, and birth.

Now, all these 5 planets are currently retrograding, meaning they are going backwards and slower, and the retrograde causes delays and sometimes plays havoc with our lives. During a retrograde, the planet is not working with its full potential. Check out the Astrology Primer Section of my website, click the below link.

Jupiter is the first of the five planets to go direct. This happens on May 9th. Get ready for good luck to come your way if you’re a Virgo or have lots of Virgo in your chart (or you are well aspected to Virgo;  more on aspects in another session.) Even if you have no Virgo in your chart, you will benefit from Jupiter direct, since it’s in its element and working for the benefit of humanity in Virgo.

Mercury goes direct on May 22nd, 2016. Until then, it slows communication and gives us devilish glitches in technology and communication.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, regeneration, and rebirth, just went retrograde and Saturn, the planet of lessons and harsh learning's, is retrograde, putting some seriousness and order into things and pretty much cooling off the good and jovial times for now. Saturn will go direct on August 13, 2016, and things will fire up (I’ll be discussing this more as we get closer to Aug.13th). I’m going to skip the Pluto retrograde right now since it’s more advanced for anintroductory email on astrology.

Mars goes direct on June 29th. The Mercury Retrograde ends May22nd and with Jupiter direct now,  come the end of June, you’ll find yourself itching to move forward again, achieving dreams, desires, and goals. The planets’ alignment provides momentum.

So, for the rest of this month, sit tight, hang in there, make no major decisions about business or life, and take it easy. Enjoy the moment!

If you are interested in learning more about astrology andhow the planets affect you personally, please schedule your appointment with me.

I look forward to working with you and as always, am available for quick check ins, readings, coaching and astrology insight.

Enjoy the week! Do something fun and different this week, take a new route to work, read a new book, make a new friend, write a book! Change it up!

Much love and many blessings,



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