This Week’s Astrology Update And Pre-Launch of my Innovative, Dynamic, Results Producing Consulting Program

Happy Memorial Day. I honor, remember, and extend my gratitude to all our Armed Forces on this commemorative day. Today, on Monday, May 30th, Mercury trines Pluto, and if you sit in quiet contemplation, you may be able to attune your awareness to different levels of consciousness. It’s not your imagination! You’re accessing universal consciousness and will be easily able to have deeper and greater access to this realm while Mercury is trine Pluto. Enjoy the experience and take notes! Relevant information to your situation may be provided to you during this time.

June 4th, is the New Moon in Gemini. During this time, communication is heightened and The New Moon is aligned with Venus ( for those more seriously involved in Astrology, this New Moon, aligned with Venus,is part of the mutable Grand Cross with Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter.) During this time, it’s best not to make any important and life changing decisions (we are still in the shadow period of the Mercury Retrograde and the Grand Cross.) Hold off on life changing decisions, if you can, till after the14th of June. Always remember, “The stars incline. They do not compel.” If you need to make a decision, it’s what it is. If you have the luxury and opportunity to wait, please do so. And if you can wait till June 29th, so much the better. This is when Mars goes direct, and I’ll have lots more to say about that in the next few newsletters.

On June 9th, I roll-out my new astrological, psychic, consulting program, specifically designed to empower you to achieve your legacy, bring your million dollar concepts to fruition, and reveal your visionary gifts to the world. This is a highly action, results oriented program using your personal astrological information, psychic information, and consulting and coaching skills using tools from those I’ve either personally worked with and learned from, including: Werner Erhard, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Mary Morrissey, Allison Armstrong, to name just a few.

Imagine uniting the power and insight of the psychic realm with your personal astrological charts! The results yield a customized program, specifically and uniquely designed to empower you to achieve all you can be, do, have, and want.

Has there been a time in your life where nothing, and I mean nothing moved? It didn’t matter what you did or who you called, what you thought, or said, nothing opened up? Nothing moved?

Interestingly enough, when we look at our personal astrological charts and transits, we will see, planets out of alignment, planets in houses that are preventing us from achieving our dreams. Suddenly, a planet moves out of one house, into another, or into another zodiac sign, and the world is at our feet.

I wanted to sell my home since 2013. It didn’t matter that I used all the right affirmations, the correct beliefs, the right prayers, and did all the work I teach. And then, after Saturn moved out of Scorpio, and the two powerful eclipses aligned just perfectly for my chart, my home sold in less than 2 weeks and I closed within 4 weeks. I didn’t have enough time to pack. The new owners were on my heels! I found a new place immediately and moved in. I knew these two eclipses were going to be powerful for me. I took advantage of the planetary energy and called myself and the psychic realm to action. It happened instantaneously! It wasn’t magic. It was planetary alignment.

You can have this happen for you, too, with my powerful astrological, intuitive, consulting program. In this program we will look at your birth chart and the transiting planets for the year. We will map out an action plan, using your personal planets and best days and best alignments to put forth that which you want for the year or years to come.

This consulting program includes:

  1. Natal Chart
  2. 12 month transit chart from day your begin your program
  3. A total of 12 thirty minute coaching sessions. You can schedule yourself for as often as two calls a month, or just once a month.
  4. I will be using spiritual guidance (information coming forth as it does during a reading) combined with your personal planetary positions and traditional coaching methods, ie. action plans, intention setting, action steps corresponding to the planets and their influence and location in your chart, and Chaldean numerology.
  5. Each coaching session is 30 minutes

This program is designed to cost $1,800.00 and during my special offer, you will receive all this for one full payment of $1,299.00 or 3 payments of $450.00 or 6 payments of $250.00

Mars goes direct on June 29th. You’ll be feeling the intensity of wanting to create and begin something new. You may feel restless, and antsy to begin a new life. This energy is perfect for working with me. We will use this powerful Martian energy to fill your sails, set your goals and destinations, and then sail smoothly to fulfillment. The first session will begin on July 1st. If you’ve wanted and waited for years for the relationship of your dreams, the home you’ve envisioned, or the career of your lifetime, this program may just be for you.

I began studying astrology in my teens. Back in the day we used old fashioned ephemeris to calculate where the planets were located. Times may have changed, and things may be easily downloaded from the internet, however, I still possess the old, ancient, knowledge of knowing how to cast a chart by hand and being able to interpret it without using internet software programs. This skill is worth more than you know. It is a dying art. I would be honored to use my gift to empower you to have a fabulous life.

Please contact me with further questions and to learn how you might benefit from my personal, accelerated, astrological-psychic consulting program. Here’s to your future NOW!

Love and blessings,


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