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Last week I wrote about 5 major planets and their retrograde motions ( see Astrology Primer on Retrogrades). Good news! Jupiter, the planet of luck, success, happiness, and benevolence, went direct on May 9th, and by now you just might be feeling a little heaviness lifted. I mentioned I would talk about your planets being well “aspected” to Jupiter and what that means. Let’s talk geometry for a moment. We have triangles, squares, conjunctions, and oppositions. When planets are in a triangle to one another it’s called a trine. This means they go well together and there is harmony. So, if you look at your birth chart (natal chart) and see where the planets are currently located in your chart, you can see whether they are in a trine (harmonious = well aspected) to each other. For example, if you have Leo as your sun, itsquares the sign Taurus (where the sun is currently located). You might be feeling bit more stressed or tense this month. It’s most likely because of where the Leo-Taurus square. This is how it works for all the planets. Squares create tension. Trines flow. Opposites attract or repel, and conjunctions are when planets align with one another perfectly (there’s much more to all this, because you can have two planets conjunct that are not good with each other)

Astrology is really a science and there is such depth to it.

Right now, Jupiter is transiting Virgo. If you have planets in Virgo, or well aspected to Virgo, use this energy to work with your intentions and desires. It’s an excellent time to manifest and create things you want.

The Sun will enter Gemini on May 20th, and people might be prone to speaking without thought on or around the full moon on the 21st in Sagittarius. Pay attention to your ego and be mindful of having your feelings hurt. Mars is still retrograde till June 29th, so you may find yourself a bit more sensitive of other people’s criticism, thoughts, or judgements.

Mercury will go direct on May 22nd. Many of us are looking forward to this day with anticipation and you can book your tickets soon, buy your electronics, and know your communication will be well received!

Some housekeeping:  Thank you to the many of you who have completed the survey I recently sent out. I appreciate your time and input. I am happy to announce I am planning a workshop in New York sometime in September. I will keep you posted on dates and location.

For those of you interested in really connecting powerfully with the full power within YOU, please register early for our Santa Barbara Workshop. I can only share you will come away with an internal knowingness of the powerful being you are. You can use this internal power that resides in you to be, do, have, and achieve all you wish. Why wait and procrastinate, hoping for things to get better, when you have an internal force waiting to be unleashed. You can learn more about our Workshop here.

NW from San Diego shared the following:

“I benefited in many ways. I learned how to meditate, relax, and trust my intuition.

Got there feeling stressed out, and came away feeling calm, connected to my inner self. I learned to concentrate on me and what I want.

At first sharing out loud was very hard. By the end I could share with the group, who were so open, receptive and caring.

Free time was perfect. 2 hours to have lunch and enjoy beautiful Santa Barbara. The amount of people (10) was a perfect size, and fit perfectly in the room.I really liked the chakra cleansing.

I also suggest go with someone. My daughter and I talked about everything that happened the whole 5 hour drive home.

We both had some real WOW moments."

You’ll never know what may open for you. Another one of our participants ended up getting her dream home within 2 weeks of the workshop! It literally appeared out of nowhere! That is what can happen when we tap into the power within us!

As always, I am here for readings, quick checks, astrological consultations, and coaching.

I look forward to being of service to you!

Have a blessed and happy week and may the Force within you, be used!


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