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 It’s Not Every Day I Sign a Contract with a Publisher

Ever wonder if a writer’s gene exists? It’s a nagging, compelling feeling, nudging you to write. Mrs. Smiley, my 5th grade teacher spotted my writer’s gene. She encouraged and helped create my dream and I loved her for it.

I recall my 12 year old self sitting in our golden kitchen, excitedly sharing with my mother, how I would write some day and while teaching middle school I began thinking about my book.I had no idea it would take me 28 years to bring this baby to fruition. On the day of one very powerful eclipse, I excitedly and proudly learned, I was offered  a contract with Black Opal Publishing for my soon to be published book, Children Who Know How to Know.

In retrospect, I’m glad it took this long to complete the book. I wrote about things I intuitively knew which lacked scientific proof. Since 2012, science has caught up with my theories and intuitive knowingness.

My book is for anyone who has ever said, “I knew I should have trusted my gut!”  Most people have uttered this statement more than once during their lifetimes. We repeatedly reprimand ourselves for not listening to our intuition, for not trusting that first impression, or acting on a thought, feeling, or sensation, we couldn’t explain.

Children Who Know How to Know demonstrates the power of our minds to affect the world around us and how we perceive the world through our own judgements and beliefs. Sometime between the ages of 5-7, children learn from adults to invalidate themselves. In my book, children learn to honor and trust their own inner wisdom and how with careful guidance, they learn it’s safe to claim their voice and speak up for themselves. Most importantly, children can learn to develop self confidence when encouraged to trust and use intuition.

I’ve been an educator and psychic for over 38 years. I teach children and adults how to develop intuition through mindfulness and intuitive heart exercises, which develop and enhance compassion and emotional maturity. In my book, I gently instruct children to love, honor, value, and respect themselves and others. I teach parents and children the importance of speaking responsibly and choosing words consciously, always guided by the power of intuition.

In my book and workshops, children are taught a new paradigm for speaking and seeing the world, so they won’t be one of those children who grow up and need to recover from their childhood. This book helps shape the future of our children and creates conscious awareness of the daily use of language, it’s impact on our thoughts, emotions, perceptions, and life. At a time where bullying and violence are increasing in our school systems, this book guides us away from a future of violence, towards one of compassion, conscious choice of thoughts and actions, and a new way of treating ourselves and others.

I hope you will support me in my efforts to change the way we speak to ourselves, others, and children, and retrain ourselves and other parents to begin with loving self talk and respect for ourselves and one another.

The publishing world is one of hurry up and wait. Now, I wait. In the meantime, we can begin to make changes together.

I look forward to working with you, your family, and friends, in creating a new paradigm for educating future generations!

It is my greatest desire to mentor you to achieve and attain your dreams and goals. I would love to work with you in my visionary/intuitive coaching program.

With love and blessings,


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Elly Molina

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