May 6th is the New Moon in Taurus


This New Moon is important for a few reasons. The new moon is a time for beginning new projects, plans, and creation. This new moon falls during a Mercury and Pluto Retrograde, and right before Jupiter goes direct again (which is excellent news). Depending on where Jupiter is in your natal chart, you may have experienced some of your luck being slowed or diminished. Now, Jupiter is back on track and you'll want to check in which house it falls (check my astrology primer for the houses). If you'd like some information about your natal and your progressed chart, you can schedule a session with me.

If you're interested in learning how to create your dreams and are unsure of what's been holding you back, why not schedule time with me for an in depth session, where we can look at your natal and progressed charts, your programming ( your beliefs and self talk) and see what types of changes you may choose to make to have your dreams come to fruition sooner than later.

We know the stars incline and do not compel; however, when we work with planetary energy, we flow with cosmic consciousness and planetary alignment. 

You can schedule your appointment below and I look forward to reading and working with you! 

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