A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With One Step - Laozi

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you may have noticed the moon inching closer to Jupiter, magnificent benefactor of luck, blessings, and abundance. It’s been beautiful watching on clear, cold nights. On Sunday, April 17th, Mars retrograded, and the strong winds blowing into your sails might diminish. There’s nothing wrong. We’re just in the retrograde (see my astrologer primer section). On April 19th, the Sun enters Taurus, and on April 22, we’ll experience a luscious full moon in Scorpio, which begins the first evening of Passover, 2016. Happy and blessed Passover, for all who celebrate!

Spring, Easter, and Passover, herald the seasons of new beginnings and new journeys. As Laozi ( ancient Chinese philosopher & writer) said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” I recently sold my home, packed up my household, took my dog, and drove to Oregon to stay with and visit friends. I called it a road trip and an adventure, only it didn’t feel like one. I felt homeless, lost, and disoriented. Then, on the eve of Day 4, while listening to fire jugglers discuss a historical bet between physicists Teller and Schrodinger, I started my journey. I took mental notes for the new book, a YA science fiction,I'm writing, and began paying attention to my experiences, and getting excited about what’s next. Any moment in time can mark the beginning of a journey, YOUR journey, your new beginning, if you wish and declare it to be.

A good way to begin your journey is to take an inventory of your life today. Check out the 7 areas of your life and measure their current status. How do the following areas look? Rate them on a scale of 1-10. Are there areas you'd like to change?

  • Physical Body
  • Emotional
  • Relationships
  • Time management
  • Work/ career/ purpose
  • Finances
  • Spirituality

If you love who and what you see reflected back in the mirror of your life, CONGRATULATIONS!! If something uncomfortable exists, see how you are contributing to this experience through your thoughts and beliefs. Ask yourself, "Am I criticizing myself?" "Am I judging myself?" "Do I believe I deserve this and not something better?" The good news is, you can change this at any time with the willingness to look at yourself and alter your Self talk. Why not fine tune your "self talk radio station" to a more positive channel.

If you’re interested in learning how to balance the 7 areas of your life, get a glimpse of what future possibilities look like and have guidance in making your dreams become your next reality, please schedule your appointment/ session with me. 

Here's what DT shared about working with me, 

 "I have known Elly since we were best friends in High School. She was always fascinated with telepathy and divination. We would practice sending telepathic messages to each other in class, and we got very good at it. She went on to develop herself  more in this arena.

She has natural abilities that she has practiced and developed into a valuable skill now. When I visited her recently she told me she had to do a reading and excused herself from socializing for a period of time. She has a special place in her house that is “clean energy” and she prepares herself with meditation and ritual before she works with her clients. Elly is the real thing!

Elly is very grounded and functional in the “real” material world and yet she is familiar with and comfortable working with the unseen world. She is able to read the energy and give a practical application to our ordinary reality. Her skills are valuable in matching the spiritual/energetic/invisible with the current situation to move you forward on to your next correct step." - DT.  Oregon

I look forward to working with you and empowering you to start your personal journey of 1,000 miles!

With love,


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