Psychic and Visionary Coaching With Elly Molina

Elly has helped me truly sharpen my focus.

I was referred to Elly by a couple of friends who had worked with her.

I am self employed and love helping others heal. I am a Reiki Master and work with crystals for healing. This year I will begin teaching as well as doing more media and public speaking, Elly has helped me so much!!

As soon as I met Elly I knew I wanted to work with her and have her intuitively coach me for my business.

She began coaching me in Nov of 2015, Elly has helped me truly sharpen my focus with growing my brand and business.

Every suggestion she offers I immediately begin working on!

With Elly's help and encouragement I wrote down how much I would be making the end of January and I have almost surpassed it this month!!

Thank you Elly for encouraging small business owners like myself!!

You are a blessing in my life!

-  Heather

Psychic and Visionary Coaching

A pragmatic coaching program incorporating Elly's psychic ability to help guide and coach you to achieving your dreams.

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Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor