“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” - Orison Swett Marden

Natalie, a six year old first grader, felt ill all day Sunday. She told her mom about her upset stomach, her uneasiness, and a sensation of being unwell. Natalie’s mom checked for fever. There was none and Mom decided to keep an eye on her as the day progressed. At 8:25 pm, the phone rang at Natalie’s home. Her mom answered, gasped, moaned, and turned ashen white. Natalie’s Dad came over immediately, taking the phone out of her mom’s hand as she collapsed onto the chair. Natalie’s grandfather had suddenly passed away from a massive heart attack.  

Natalie is an empath. She has the ability to feel others emotions and take them on as her own. Natalie is also highly intuitive. Natalie’s gift is not rare and it’s not unique. It is something we are all born with. We are all born with intuitive and psychic abilities. Remember, the old saying, “kids absorb things like a sponge”. Kids are fabulous empaths. They’re not just absorbing conscious information around them, they’re absorbing the unseen and processing it through their bodies.

For many people today the word intuition still conjures up the realm of the unknown and the mysteries accompanying it. We talk about “trusting it”, “having needed to have trusted it”, “believing in it”, “not believing in it”; yet there is a common denominator among all human beings and that is, this phenomena, this “internal knowingness”, which holds no form in language, only in sensation, is universal to all of humanity and inherited from our distant ancestors.

Research into the reality of ESP shows that scientists have conducted formal experiments in laboratories showing the odds of the existence of ESP are higher than statistical evidence showing proof that aspirin is proven to prevent heart attacks. The experiments show the existence of ESP is ten times greater than the data proving the benefits of aspirin and still, ESP is still considered unscientific and questionable. (Russell Targ, The Reality of ESP).

This coming week, in Santa Barbara, we are going to be learning to “see without our eyes”.  We will direct our focus to remote viewing activities and practice our psychic abilities. I predict we will have a whopping 90% accuracy among the group during this exercise! In my workshops for children and adults, participants learn how they can develop a deep and meaningful mindfulness practice. Participants will learn to practice and share telepathic and intuitive experiences. They will experience first hand, the realization, that telepathy, esp, remote viewing, are not fluke occurrences, but rather everyday occurrences that have an impact on our lives and on the lives of others through the complex interconnected universe we will live in. These realizations allow us to deepen our bonds of connectedness with all things on our planet, with all humans, and with all the energies found outside of our limited knowledge of our own universe.

Learning to tap into our intuition provides us with the sense of universal connectedness; a sense of bliss and timelessness that is overwhelming and for which we have yet to develop an adequate vocabulary. Universal mind/ collective consciousness , which Yoda calls the “ Force”, is a wonderful description.

We all have the ability to be remarkable Jedi’s. It takes practice, persistence and desire to become skilled. Isn’t it time, we began to learn to utilize our amazing abilities and create a new consciousness for ourselves and humanity? I would love to see you at one of our workshops or in Santa Barbara this coming weekend.

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