Amazing Times Ahead

Did you feel the powerful effects of this past Super New Moon? You might ask, “How would I know if I felt the effects of the New Moon?” For one, did a serious and important item on your bucket list come to fruition? Can you see yourself headed towards your goals? Has a wish come true? Reflect on your life, and then please, please, please, hit the comment button if you’re reading this on the blog, and share with us, what happened for you!

And the exciting astrological news, it’s not over yet for this month! We’ve got a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 23rd. Remember, eclipses herald beginnings and endings. Use this exciting time to bring your dreams to fruition.

Mars is in Sagittarius now, and remember it’s going to be there for a while this year. This is the time right now to actively go after what you want. Get clear, and go for it. Then, you’ll feel really successful and look back and say, “Wow, I made this happen.”  Sometimes it takes a little help from others to get your dreams on track and that’s what I’d love for you with my spiritual coaching program.

Now, this month is the time to make those really important changes in your life. Would you like to change your home, your job, your career, your relationships, your physical and mental appearance? This month amplifies shifts and changes. This can be a most powerful time in your life. Remember, energy goes where attention flows. If you need assistance getting your dreams on track, I’d love to help. I’ve got three amazing success stories, which just may inspire the beejeebers out of you. I’m waiting for approval to share before I blast them out to the universe!

For now, I’d like to share a bit about my spiritual coaching program where I’ve helped many people get on track and achieve results.

In this program, you create an outcome and set an intention. In a coaching program, you declare what kind of life you want to live. You get to dream big. The bigger your dream, the more exciting it becomes. Then, through the coaching, and traditional goal setting, collaboration, and with the psychic, intuitive spin and insight, we create an action plan, you live into. You are accountable and responsible for creating your designed life. The spirit world will help you. You actively co create. Sometimes, only tweaking one thought is enough to generate an avalanche of new and wonderful experiences. That’s the beauty of coaching. It’s having someone hold you accountable for your dreams. It’s having someone support you, empower you, and help provide a road map for your journey.

In my coaching program, I have no contracts. It’s for however long you wish to work with me. I’m offering my program for as low as $75.00 for a 30 minute session for new clients. 

For those of you on the fence about creating amazing results for the remainder of 2016, and the rest of your lives, please join Anne and myself next month in Santa Barbara for the Awaken the Force Within You Workshop. You can learn more about it here by clicking here.

Just an FYI, I love sharing exciting and wonderful news, so I’m bursting right now as I contain all this! Can’t wait to shout it out in the next newsletter!  I wish you success and dreams fulfilled. I’m available for check-ins, readings, visionary/spiritual coaching, and for your astrological charts. 

Love and blessings for a joyous week!



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