How to Avoid A Disappointing Valentine's Day. This is for Men & Women!

If you’re a guy, maybe you can relate to this. It’s Friday afternoon. Everyone is going home for the weekend and you’ve still got tons to do at work. You’re focused on closing deals so you can “rest” and “relax” on the weekend. Suddenly, you remember, Sunday, this coming Sunday is Valentine’s Day! You’re screwed, you tell yourself. It’s too late for a reservation, it’s too expensive for one night, and now you’ve got to read her mind to figure out what she wants! You love her, and on this one day of the year, you’re expected to prove it to her! Flowers, chocolates, lingerie, jewelry is overpriced and you’re annoyed. Still, you want her to know how much she means to you. Why doesn’t she know this already, you may be thinking?

Years of programming and conditioning have taught women that Valentine’s Day and their Wedding Days are the times in their lives when they are special, significant, and  to be treated like princesses, queens, glamour gals. Our culture has programmed them since toddler time. So, let’s get back to you, guys, and mind reading. Good Luck! There’s a really high chance you’re not going to get it right anyway, so let’s move on. I feel for you!

This next part is for our women. If you seriously wish to avoid a disappointing Valentine’s Day, then set yourself up for success.

 #1: Realize if you are in a serious relationship with a man that loves you ( and you will know this by his actions and not the gifts or attention you receive on V-day), then give him slack on this day.

 #2. Know men are spontaneous when it comes to romantic gifts and for many men, the concept of “getting it right” to please you is causing severe stress. For some men, it gets so bad, they avoid Valentine’s Day completely.

 #3. Do you seriously need a specific day of the year for you to feel loved and cherished?

 #4. Avoid looking at this day as proof that you’re not important. This is a big one. Many women feel unappreciated as is, so this is the day of PROOF! For many women, not receiving a V-day gift or card reinforces beliefs such as:  they’re not worth it, they’re not loved, they’re not appreciated, etc.

 So, what can YOU DO to avoid the pain of Valentine’s Day? This day is like any other day. It’s got absolutely no astrological significance this year, so start telling yourself before hand how much you love yourself. When you truly love yourself, it’s reflected back. Life is your mirror. Love begins with Loving Yourself. Start today. Start right now. Look in a mirror and say to yourself, “ Your name, I love you. I really, really love you.”  Keep doing that whenever you pass a mirror. Do it over and over again many times during the day. Keep doing it daily and multiple times during the day. Watch what happens to the lines on your face. They will begin to soften. People will remark how wonderful and different you look. And, by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, you won’t be disappointed with any gift or lack of a gift. You will have received the greatest gift of all, and that is learning how to Love Yourself! When you finally learn to truly love yourself in all sense of the word, magic and miracles appear all around you.  

 Let me know how this works for you!

 May you find peace, joy, forgiveness, and love as you meet yourself on a deeper level.

 With love,



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