The World of Enchantment

Way back, in November of 1994, to be exact, November 11th,1994, I opened one of the first aromatherapy shops on Long Island, New York. I had just completed my certification course in a field that didn’t even offer certification. I was an official “Aromatherapist”. My shop, Beyond the Crescent Moon, was magical. I mixed, blended, and educated people in Aromatherapy. Back then, not too many people knew about Aromatherapy. Some laughed at me, others embraced me. The shop soon became known as a place for readings, magical blends, potions, creams, candles, and everything enchanting. During that wonderful time in my life, Robyn Feller published her book, Practical Aromatherapy. I was elated and honored to see my personal recipes in her book. Twenty-two years ago, people knew very little about aromatherapy. Now, it’s mainstream. I still mix and blend in the privacy of my home, sharing my special potions with close friends and family. It’s one of my secret passions.

I’ve taken up mixing and blending on a larger basis again and will have a few special potions available by and for Valentine’s Day. If you’re interested, just send me an email, or if you live in the Olympia, Puget Sound Area, you can pick up some at Intuitive Mender, Olympia, WA. They’ll be available by next week Wednesday, Feb.10th. I am so grateful to Heather for having come into my life. You’ll love her work and her place. Check her out. It’s universal energy. As we give out, so we get back.

Recently, someone I’ve been reading for sent me the following testimonial. I wanted to share it with you. I teared up while reading it.

I was first referred to Elly by a friend. I had no idea what to expect, and called her because I was feeling confused about my path in life. I was at at a crossroads with both my career and my love life and was having a difficult time making decisions on what to do next. With Elly’s insight and guidance, she supported me to take leaps of faith that I didn’t have the confidence to take on my own.

Elly’s powerful positive energy and insightful guidance, encouraged me in my work to leave my corporate job to start my own PR Agency, and pursue my passion project, which has now turned into a successful jewelry line. I have made a complete transformation in my work/life balance that has given me such a greater sense of peace and clarity, in addition to more quality time with my son. Elly provided me with hope and faith about the decisions I was making and relayed messages that there was abundance, love and money ahead in my future. As the year unfolded, I was amazed to recollect what Elly had told me as I watched it all come true in ways I could have never imagined possible.

I called Elly again recently for similar guidance and really appreciate her inspiration, support and positive affirmations. Elly has suggested books and given me helpful tips for my journey and reminds me to believe in myself and to stay true to myself and continue to follow my intuition. I am so grateful to have found her, as she has been instrumental in helping me to have the confidence to have faith in the universe and keep pursuing my dreams and striving to be my highest self. I have encouraged all of my friends, from all walks of life, to schedule a reading with Elly, to interpret messages from the universe and to help support us on this wild journey of life! ­ SC, California

Perhaps you too, could benefit from channeled guidance or coaching. I am currently running my coaching special till Feb. 15th. Special price: $999.00 for 12 sessions. (Click here)

We’ve got the new moon on February 8th in Aquarius, so, it’s a wonderful day to create your New Moon Wish List and set intentions for the remainder of your year. I’m here to help in any way I can. You can also schedule your White Light Blessing for that day, to clear any unwanted negative energies, and make space for new and positive energies.

Remember, the March eclipses will bring some powerful energies our way. We need to prepare ourselves beforehand. I will be sending out more info on that in the next week.

We have our early bird ongoing registration happening for the Awaken the Force Within You workshop in Santa Barbara in April.  This is a wonderful and unique opportunity to develop your spiritual and psychic abilities. We will be doing exercises from my forthcoming book, “Developing and Accessing your Psychic Abilities” ( working title).

I look forward to being of service to you. I am available for coaching, quick check-ins, astrological charts, and now, special aromatherapy blends made specifically for you!

Much love and have an amazing weekend. Give yourself permission to do something special for yourself!

 With love and gratitude,


Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor