Native Americans named February 22nd  the "Full Snow Moon" and it's an excellent time to remove unwanted situations, people, and things from your life. Start cleaning out early this year. Make room for the new so you can anticipate dynamic manifestations. With the coming Full Moon, schedule your magical “White Light Blessing”. It cleanses unwanted energies from recent past experiences. It assists you with bringing in happiness and passion regarding your future. 

How about peeking at what 2016 holds for you? 

Psychic readings provide clarity around situations. They reveal the energy around people and situations in your life. A reading is like a dance and when we dance together, in sync with each other, magic and flow happens, and creativity begins to flourish.

Sometimes you may need a quick little connection with your psychic advisor to help you get on track again. Think of it as following your personal GPS system. There are days we all have the urge to turn around, and go back to where we came from. Other days, we take detours. With a reading, we get back on track, get in alignment with our highest good and move in the direction of serving the greater good and living our highest and greatest potential. We all have these seeds within us.

I am available for quick check ins, readings,  spiritual coaching, astrological charts, and personalized aromatherapy blends. 

If it's been longer than 3 months since you're last reading, I suggest a quick check in.

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Elly Molina

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