Creating a Dynamic 2016. Let's Make This Your Best Year Ever

Have you ever envisioned something so out of touch with your reality you dared not share it? I remember back in 2009, as I walked my dog, I mentally wrote the first draft of Annabelle and the Domino. I came home and furiously put it down on paper.Then, I placed the story with the many unpublished manuscripts I had written. 

On a hot, summer day in August, I sat on the deck, looking out over Mt. Rainier and  shared the vision of my book with a mentor. She said, “Imagine your life 5 years from now. Imagine not creating the book. Where will you be? What will you be doing? Will you still have that longing to to be published? Will you be filled with regrets for your lack of action, or will you be looking at your published book and feeling empowered?” I thought about it for a few seconds and immediately hired her to coach me. Two years later, on June 10, 2011, I had a beautiful book signing event with over 50 attendees, supporting me, my work, and my contribution to children. I was filled with love. That conversation changed my life forever.

 If you’re still reading this, what you may need is a nurturing support system to help you bring your dreams to fruition. I can help you with my spiritual coaching program. For the past 37 years, I’ve empowered adults, teens, children, and preschoolers, and yet, for most of those years, I never allowed anyone to coach me. It’s not that I didn’t believe a coaching program worked. Athletes have coaches, successful business people have coaches; I was afraid to invest in myself. Most people are afraid to invest in themselves. We’ll spend money on family, friends, and put ourselves last.

 I can’t speak for you, but I used to think investing in myself was extravagant and a luxury I couldn’t afford. It was my old belief system.Today,I see the miracles in coaching. I see what having a coach provides. When we are empowered, we empower others. When we feel good about ourselves, we help others feel good about themselves. That’s just how it works.

If you’ve made any New Year’s resolutions, declared this year is going to be different, you know, it can be. Believe me when I tell you, it’s really hard to do it alone. Imagine having someone lovingly hold you accountable for your actions; someone to listen to your fears, and someone to nurture you through your journey. I’m offering you the opportunity to work with me in a spiritual/visionary coaching capacity. I’ll provide you with psychic insights. You’ll be on the path, with the needed support and guidance, to fulfill on your wildest dreams. I’ve got some pretty wild testimonials for you and if you’re interested in hearing about them, send me an email and we can discuss what a coaching program, tailored for your specific needs, looks like.

You deserve to have the best life ever.I believe we all do. Why not think about participating in my coaching program and seeing if this is something you might like. I would love to see you invest in yourself this year to create a life you’re passionate about and love living.

If you’ve ever said, I’ll do it “someday”, remember, “someday” is not on the calendar.

For a limited time I’m offering 4 coaching sessions for $299.00. (Sessions are ½ hour each). If you think working with me could help you, please click the link right here and we’ll set up a time and date to discuss what you’re program could look like. Offer expires January 30,2016.

Happy 2016!! To your best year ever!

Love and blessings,


Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor