Creating Your Best Year Ever

On New Year’s Day, fast action, quick thinking Mercury entered Aquarius. Plenty of empty chatter and quick flowing conversations abounded. Beware of wagging tongues the next few days.Stay mindful of what you’re saying and sharing. Remember the old Spanish proverb, “Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you.”

On January 3rd, Mars entered Scorpio, fabulous news for our New Year’s Intentions. You may find yourself driven and focused and again, the theme is to be mindful of your words and people in crisis around you. And just when you think it’s all handled, Mercury goes retrograde on the 5th, challenging your “New Year’s Resolutions” and resolve with a furry. Another great reason to set intentions for 2016, rather than resolutions.

On January 6th, I’ll be hosting a free Skype “Create Your Year” session. Please drop me a note, text, or email, RSVP, so I can provide you with the skype info and some of the items necessary for our call and your created New Year’s intentions. Click here to register.

While you’re creating your best year ever, as your psychic, astrologer, and friend, I’d like to gently remind you to put some dehydrated food on your shopping list. With the crazy weather patterns happening around the world, you need to be prepared and safe. What if the roads were so flooded you couldn’t get to the store? What if a natural or man-made disaster prevented you from getting to the supermarket? You can order amazing dehydrated food.  Click here, page two.

Then, make sure to have a few important items on hand at all times: emergency kits, flashlights, batteries, candles, warm blankets, and access to water. Another great item is packaged water, available on my website. Being prepared for anything offers you peace of mind and security. We’ve got to expect the unexpected. Life works like that.

2016, will be an interesting year astrologically. Jupiter will be retrograde this month and won’t go direct until May. Will you benefit from this news or feel frustrated and confused, declaring your luck has changed and your momentum slowed down? Depending on your personal chart and your Jupiter placement, you’ll see which side of the fence you’re on. Not sure of your placements? You can schedule an astrological transit reading with me, too. These are longer and take time, since I do this the “old fashioned” way and not through computer generated programs.

I look forward to working closely with you this year, helping you create your best year !!!

Love and blessings,


Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor