Things You Need To Know About February 2016

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Ever wonder about the word February? February’s name originates from the Roman festival of purification called February. People conducted ritual washings and purifications to symbolize the month of new beginnings. Many cultures celebrate February as the month of rebirth.

On February 2nd, some people celebrate the ancient Celtic Festival of Imbolc, the return of light and new beginnings. From Feb. 5­8th Christians celebrate Carnival, pre Lent festivities, thought to be connected to the new year, rebirth of nature, and the pagan festival of Saturnalian, coinciding with the Chinese New Year on February 8th. Across the globe we witness our interconnectedness celebrating rebirth and the coming of spring.

Lupercalia, celebrated between Feb. 13­ and 15 known as the festival of fertility and purification, coincided with our modern day Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14th. February, 2016, is the month of new beginnings for us. An excellent day to start your personal rebirth celebration falls on the New Moon, February 8th, in Aquarius. Use ancient ancestral connections and create your New Moon Wish List. Light a candle resonating with your mood and intention. Create your list of wishes, desires, and manifestations. Write them in the present tense. Write them in the positive. When you’ve completed your list, tuck it away in a safe place. Be surprised when you pull it out in a few months and notice all you’ve accomplished.

On February 8th, you may wish to have a “White Light Blessing” for rebirth of dreams, wishes, and desires. I use a special alloy merged with frankincense to create your personal “talisman” or “figurine”. Your magnetic and unique frequency combines with planetary energy to create your signature in the universe. Recently, someone’s “White Light Blessing” formed a samurai warrior. Each time she looked at her talisman, she strengthened her ability to overcome adversity and persevere with her dreams. The talisman anchors us in knowing that the Universe, combined with our efforts, brings us our deepest dreams and desires. Click here to schedule your White Light Blessing on Feb. 8th, 2016.

Watch your email on Wed. Feb.4th. Anne van de Water and I are conducting an exciting workshop in beautiful Santa Barbara. Your presence would make it even more awesome! This workshop is for you if you are interested in deep transformation on a cellular level. Our seats are limited, so look out for this special invitation.

As you rise this Monday morning, look for the planet Mars over the eastern horizon. Mars will be prominent in our charts this month, making sure we take lots of action towards our dreams.

I am available this week for readings, quick check­-ins, to set up astrological charts, and psychic coaching. I look forward to being of service to you!

May the Force be with You!

Love and blessings,



Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor