The Story of Silas

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     Once upon a time, Silas, a poor and lonely farmer, pleaded before God. “Please, God, Please, Please God, let me win the lottery”. The Jackpot, 42 million dollars for the week, excited him. He envisioned his farm filled with sheep, green pastures, workers, and delighted in seeing himself as a wealthy landowner .

     “God, please! This is the last time I’ll ask you. I’ve asked you now for 25 years. If you don’t let me win the lotto this time, I’m giving up my faith! I’ll never believe in you again!”

     Suddenly, the clouds parted. A  thunderous sound echoed from the skies.

     “Silas, it’s God. Give me a break and buy a lotto ticket!”

Have you ever heard yourself say, “I know what to do” or "I know how to do it?”. Did you know, knowing makes no difference? We all know how to lose weight. We know how to make money. We know what to do to have a relationship. This week, with the Mercury Retrograde ending ( take a moment and look at your life. What areas still need improving? Where do you want to make changes? Did you know, most New Year’s Resolutions start falling from existence right about now!

Take out your list of 2016 intentions, dust them off, and commitment to fulfilling on just one of them. With the planetary energies available to you now, one commitment, with consistent action, will get you your desired results. If you need help, encouragement, guidance, I’m here to help you.

I’m currently working on Astrological Charts for 2016. This in depth astrological report is specifically designed for you. I do each chart the old fashioned way. If you are interested in learning beneficial times to make things happen for yourself in 2016, I highly recommend having your chart done and working with the planets rather than against them. Remember, as the tide affects the oceans, so the planets affect us as well. You can contact me about having your chart done and I will get to it asap so you’ll have it by February 1, 2016. 

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I am happy to hear some of you shared you were prepared with your supplies before the Snow arrived on the East Coast. Being prepared is like having life insurance or homeowner’s insurance. We never want to use it. We do appreciate the peace of mind it provides. You can order provisions here ( page 2

As always, I’m here for readings, quick check-ins, coaching & astrological charts and consultations.

Have a fabulous week!

Much love,


Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor