Retrograde is Over & What it Means for You

The Full Moon in Leo occurs on January 23, celebrating a departing Mercury Retrograde and heavy energies of the past few weeks. Remember the planet Jupiter, luck and good fortune? Jupiter aligns with the North Node of Virgo, your spiritual destiny, so prepare yourself for expanding your Higher Self, for Self Growth, contributing, and being of service to others.

In my last newsblast, I mentioned how perfect energies flow for releasing the unwanted.

I still have some availability this Saturday for the Full Moon White Light Blessing, a perfect opportunity to release negative and unwanted energies.

The coming weeks support opportune energies for your self development so I’m extending my coaching special till February 15th.

“A friend of mine referred me to Elly. She had given readings for two of my friends and they were spot on. Excitedly I called her and booked my first reading last year. I immediately knew Elly had tapped into my energy field. She was able to see my situation and she guided me through a difficult part of my journey bringing a much needed objective clarity.

About a month later, Elly began giving me coaching sessions. I own my own Reiki and energy business and Elly has brought beautiful and encouraging energy to me .She is a powerfully gifted lady. I am focusing with clarity and my vision is expanding. My business has been growing and I am so blessed to have her in my life!!”

In my spiritual/visionary coaching program, you create an outcome and set an intention. In a coaching program, you declare what kind of life you want to live. You get to dream big. The bigger your dream, the more exciting it becomes. Then, through the coaching, and traditional goal setting, collaboration, and with the psychic, intuitive spin and insight, we create an action plan, you live into. You are accountable and responsible for creating your designed life. The spirit world will help you.You actively co create. Sometimes, only tweaking one thought is enough to generate an avalanche of new and wonderful experiences. That’s the beauty of coaching. It’s having someone hold you accountable for your dreams. It’s having someone support you, empower you, and help provide a road map for your journey.

In my coaching program, I have no contracts. It’s for however long you wish to work with me. I’m offering my program for as low as $75.00 for a 30 minute session for new clients.

Amount of time: 30 minutes                                 Amount: $75.00 a session

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Coaching Session Special

Beginning, Feb.15th, the rate increases to $100.00 for a 30 minute session, unless we’re already working together. I prefer to work with you twice a month.This is an investment in yourself and in your life. It’s co-creating a future you want to live into. If you’d like to speak with me about how my spiritual coaching plan can benefit you, click here and I will get in touch with you shortly.

Speaking of new and exciting opportunities, I’m thrilled to announce my upcoming workshop with talented and gifted  Anne Van de Water in Santa Barbara.We offer an amazing weekend retreat and workshop, AWAKEN THE FORCE WITHIN YOU, click on the link here to learn more about joining us and having more fun and learning than you can imagine. The workshop happens in April, so mark your calendars and get back to me, asap. I’d love to have you join us. It’s going to be amazing.

I am available this week for readings, quick check ins, and coaching. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Much love,


Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor