Your Higher Self

Intending you all had a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving holiday and have recuperated from the festivities and joys of being with loved ones. This morning, I am sharing a reminder to you: if at times, during your day, you feel overwhelmed, overburdened or even harassed and imposed upon by events of the your physical life, remember it is your identity, your human doing being challenged. It is not your Higher or Greater Self that is challenged. Step outside of yourself, become the observer of your life, and you’ll discover an infinite power enters your body from your Higher Self. This power is limitless and provides you with unlimited potential and well being. There is always the safety net beneath you of love, trust, and well being, when you can step out of your smaller, ego, Self. It’s a fabulous tool to use when you are feeling frightened, or overwhelmed by the challenges of your 3-D living. Again, the exercise is to step outside of your body, take on a higher perspective and see yourself from the point of view of the observer, the omniscient and omnipotent being you become by simply observing yourself, others, and the situation from a new perspective. Trust in the process and power of this.
I am available for readings, consultations, and coaching beginning December 1st. I look forward to being here for you and helping you have and create a most empowering life for yourself. There will be a slight price increase for everyone beginning January 1, 2016. If you know, you would like to have more sessions throughout the year, please think about purchasing or gifting a 12 session package, which can be used for readings and coaching.
Love and Blessings,

Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor