True Success Coaching Story

It was a cold, sunny February morning in 2015. My phone rang and it was Angelica. It was our first session. She wanted to move from Maryland to Florida and saw no possibility. Trapped in the “how”, and not seeing any way this could happen, we set up a bi-monthly call for ½ an hour each Tuesday. Angelica had a few important goals to attain. She wanted to work from home, move to Florida, sell her current home and be in a relationship with a wonderful man. We put her order into the cosmic kitchen and got to work.
Within a few months, she designed her own job from home, negotiated with her employers and her boss was a yes! Her appetizer had arrived! Now, with belief under her belt, she tackled selling her home. This took more time than either one of us expected. And then, after months of showings and potential contracts, she sold her house for a fair price. During the time her house was on the market, she looked for rentals in Florida. It all came together a few weeks ago. The process took time. Was it worth it? Ask Angelica. She’s happily living and working out of her new home in sunny Florida. What’s next? It’s time to date. Angelica is ready to begin dating and we’ll start working on this right after the holiday.
Once you’ve gained clarity about your desires, dreams and goals, it gets real when put into action Sometimes the biggest challenges are getting clarity, fine tuning your heart’s desires, and believing you’re worthy of having all the imaginable happiness possible. This is where I come in. With spiritual coaching, we can make your dreams happen for you, too. It’s getting started, taking the first action step, and then trusting the process. There will be days and even weeks where you think the process isn’t working. Still, like a blade of grass, that faces the sun and grows, so do your dreams.
If you’re eager to get started, please contact me right after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Let’s make 2016 your greatest year ever!

Have a blessed, joyful, and Merry Thanksgiving!
Sending you love and a dash of magic!

Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor