The Importance of Staying Alert

Last Friday's tragic events deeply affected the collective consciousness.  I am so saddened by what happened. I am thankful and grateful so many of you have been sending out prayer energies to balance these senseless, unevolved actions ( yes, I'm being judgemental and calling it what it is).
Today, I'd like to remind you to begin or continue your daily practice of rituals and routines. My favorite one takes only 10 min and children and adults can easily do it before school or work. You will be contributing powerful energies to the planet and your life as you perform these. Take about 3 or so minutes for gratitude. I like to keep a daily gratitude journal. Then, take 3 minutes for clear, emotional visualization of what you wish to bring into your life. Feel it, see it, sense it happening and being in your created future NOW. Then, visualize energy flowing through your body and around your heart. I ask my heart for the important message it has for me today. Then, I thank my heart and I thank the planet, the universe and the Divine. My day has been created. It can be that simple. With this exercise you have helped to shift the energies on the planet and your own life. There is the ripple effect. One person's actions can have unimagined consequences or results for the world.
This week, on November 18th, the large planet Neptune goes direct. Between the 14-22nd, it will give us clues of the things to come. Stay alert during this time and NOTICE what is happening in your life. Sharpen your listening skills. Hear what people are saying to you. You're going to be getting signs of what's about to push forward and become prominent in your life. Stay alert to what others are sharing with you. Are they telling you, you're an amazing entertainer, writer, artist, business person, orator? Pay attention. The things you are going to be working on in the near future are coming through as signs from the conversations of the people around you. Jot it down and watch for the future.
As always, I would love to work with you to help make your dreams your next reality!
Sending you thanks, gratitude, peace and much love,

Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor