Neptune Direct

You may be feeling the powerful energies of Neptune going direct on November 18th! This is great news for all the Pisces out there, since your ruling planet is Neptune. One of the advantages of having Neptune direct is many of our illusions will disappear and we will gain clarity about people and circumstances. The veils are lifting and we can see people for whom they really are and not our pollyanna version. There is harshness to this and often times hurt. It just is what it is, and people may fall away, yet, whenever there is an empty space, the opportunity for new is there to fill it. Be open to the new people and experiences entering now. This is a glimpse of what is to come for your life in the next year. Stay sharp and listen to what people say to you and about you. Listen to the words they use to describe you and your talents. It’s an indication of what’s going to push forward, like a tiny seed of grass, looking to sprout.Have faith in your dreams at this time. Neptune direct will help you.
There is a Scottish folk saying, “You can’t have your cake unless you eat it". Remember that next time you hear yourself saying it’s too good to be true or it’s not possible. It’s time to have your cake and it eat, too!
There is a full moon coming up on the 25th of November, the day before Thanksgiving. I will have a few openings for those wishing to release any heavy or negative energies from people who are leaving, or have left with Neptune going direct.
Sending you much joy and light for a blessed and magical weekend!

Elly Molina

International concierge advisor & intuitive mentor