Creating Your Day

If you personally know me, you know I've been a native New Yorker for over 50 years. I do my best to return to the city every few months. This trip has been filled with loads of surprises, and given the astrological events of October, I'm surprised I'm still surprised!
I prescribe to the habit of "creating your day”. I believe when we create our day, we set ourselves up for success. That doesn't mean we can't and won't have surprises, it just sets us up to have some mental control and clarity of what the day might be like. I usually like to create my day by giving thanks first, being grateful for all in my life. I always begin appreciating the beauty and power of our planet. I am grateful for every breath, for all the plants and animals and you get it, just grateful for the beautiful planet we live on, and for being alive. I extend gratitude for my health, my family, my friends and send prayers to all on the earth and send out love and blessings for all to receive. Such is the power of my morning! I do my best to rise early enough to incorporate this prior to opening up emails and getting to work. This is my personal morning routine. It's vitally important to have one.
So, speaking of surprises. I didn't expect to be doing any readings this weekend and was utterly surprised when I ended up reading for an international dignitary.This statesperson is truly committed to political change and works diligently to bring justice where there is injustice and food where there is hunger & shelter where there is none. It's a different world when we step outside of our own needs to help others on the planet.
I've been looking into philanthropic organizations which work with children & and contributing a part of each session you have with me towards a children's organization. If you currently know of any such organizations or foundations, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you.
I will be available for readings & consultations beginning this Thursday, Oct. 22nd. You can also schedule yourself for the upcoming Full Moon White Light Blessing, happening on October 27th.
May your week be blessed!

October 27th Full Hunter's Moon

Jupiter Trine Pluto and New Moon in Libra 10/12/2015