What Happens When Change Is No Longer A Choice?


The other day a woman from the leasing office came to my apartment for the move out inspection.

“Wow, you’re really courageous; moving to New York and starting over again”, she said. 
” I figured, since I’m not a tree, now’s as good a time as any to go.” 
She let out a deep sigh, “I’ve always wanted to move away from here”, she replied. “I just don’t have the courage to do it!” 
I caught her sigh! 

Change is a choice. No one says it comes easily. What I have learned though is when you begin to catch the signs of the longing in their early stages (the sigh) that’s the time to start taking the actions. The longer you wait for the changes to come, the deeper the longing grows; the stronger the futility and fear become, and more often than not, that’s the moment the hammer hits us over the head and forces us into making changes.

Sometimes that hammer comes in the form of illness or accidents. Sometimes it’s a breakup or divorce. It even takes on the shape of losing a job or getting fired.

Once the circumstances are so painful it’s no longer a choice, is it?  We now have to ensure our survival and do all we can do to make our lives work, despite our circumstances.

If you’ve ever had a “choice” forced upon you, can you remember back to that little intuitive voice within you that knew long before it was time to go or time to change?

Why wait for those experiences before you make the change? People are motivated by two factors. They are either attracted to the pleasure of the change or they’ll wait till they experience fear and pain before changing.  

It doesn’t have to be the latter. Next time you get the longing in your body, start listening. It’s your intuition telling you something. Pay attention and start taking little action steps in the direction of your longing. Longing for a new job but afraid to leave the old? Start sending out resumes, Start asking around. Stop justifying what you have and start imagining what you want. 

Change is an inside job, so start there!

Originally published in Thriveglobal 2/25/2019

Accessing 4th and 5th Dimensionality

We currently live in what some people refer to as transitional times, end times or what I refer to as the New Episteme. Many people still reside in a third dimensional frequency (limiting belief systems, repeated conversations, denial and rejection of esp, psychic phenomena, believing that if they see it, then it’s real, the belief that thoughts and language are not connected to creating our reality) You may know or work with a few of these people. Conversations can be frustrating when we go to “teach” them about higher consciousness and awareness. This is where the chasm in our thoughts and belief system feels worlds apart. We wonder how it’s possible there are people who still don’t believe their chronic complaining and lack of personal responsibility has an affect on the circumstances of their life. We are witness to the split every day; just watch the news on TV.

Where you dwell, in which dimension, 3rd, 4th, or 5th, is directly reflected in your thoughts, your conversations, your knowledge of what’s happening in this collapsing of time and the quantum universe, your actions, and your circumstances. 

Spiritualists, clairvoyants, channelers, scientists, have predicted the oncoming of this time in history, however, collective consciousness is always slow to change, and as the sleepers sleep, the awakened are living vastly beautiful, peaceful, stress free, blissful, abundant lives. Many dwell in a parallel universe and if you are still experiencing pain, suffering, lack, dissatisfaction with career and your life, it’s time to learn and understand more about the higher dimensions of consciousness, how to access them, and what is available when we live and work from there.

The chasm deepens, and while these two worlds are still entangled, the gap grows. Much of this information is coming through to me in my sessions with clients. Lightworkers are called now more than ever before to learn as much as they can in order to raise consciousness and bring those people tethering on the periphery who intuitively know they are needed and still require further training to access higher dimensional thinking and live from this state.

Part of living in higher dimensionality is the feeling of Cosmic Oneness that exists, The Oneness of pure love, bliss, joy, peace, grace and harmony, where humans living on earth in higher dimensionality are accessing more frequently now than at any other time of human history.

When the portal opened on August 8, 2018 divine energies flowed into and through us. It's time for us to increase our knowledge of self awareness and actualization. It’s time to learn to live in these higher dimensional states while residing on a 3-d plane of material density.

If you are called to this work and wish to learn how to live and achieve easily and effortless from this new conscious awareness, now is the time to work with me. As time collapses, what once took years of knowledge, is now condensed and taught in shorter sessions and bursts. You’ll have an expedited plan to fulfill your lightworker calling in the here and now without having to take years of slower moving 3-dimensional linear thinking to get your results.

If you are called to work with me, please schedule your complimentary 30 minute session and let’s see how we can work together to have you achieve your best life now! Why struggle and live in such a dense world when lightness, opportunity, creation, and abundance is so readily available? https://ellymolina.as.me/schedule.php?appointmentType=4698570

And If you’re especially feeling the call to make a global impact and just don’t know how or where, let’s talk. I’m working right now with some real movers and shakers, globally impacting their communities and the world. A few months ago, these people had feelings in their body, telling them it was time to impact the world. They just didn’t know how and now they do! 

If you’re in the New York City this coming March, 22-24 join me at the New Life Expowhere I’ll be doing a workshop titled: Accessing Higher Consciousness through your Super Power Abilities: 

Learn about accessing higher consciousness at this crucial time in our lives. Utilizing the part of your brain that allows you to easily remote view ( see without eyes), practice telepathy, and discover how developing these skills provide seamless access to the 5th Dimensionality.

Using strategies from Elly’s Amazon Best Seller, Children Who Know How to Know, you’ll access your own super power abilities, transcend ordinary consciousness to levels only imagined in sci-fi novels. (Save the date as details will be forthcoming)

Please know that time is collapsing and with each day you procrastinate and remain hesitate or fearful, the gap between the dimensions, your dream, and where we are heading as lighter, frequency beings, grows larger.

If you've been reading my past newsletters you know that the portal to higher consciousness has been opened and access to higher dimensionality is now easily and readily available if you know and understand what to do and how to be a part of it.

To get on my newsletter go to: https://www.ellymolina.com/contact

Get Ritual Ready for a Rare Astronomical Event this Sunday

“The purpose of ritual is to wake up the old mind in us, to put it to work. The old ones inside us, the collective unconscious, the many lives, the different eternal parts, the senses and parts of the brain that have been ignored. Those parts do not speak English. They do not care about television. But they do understand candlelight and colours. They do understand nature.”  ― Z. Budapest

“The purpose of ritual is to wake up the old mind in us, to put it to work. The old ones inside us, the collective unconscious, the many lives, the different eternal parts, the senses and parts of the brain that have been ignored. Those parts do not speak English. They do not care about television. But they do understand candlelight and colours. They do understand nature.”
― Z. Budapest

This Sunday will be a rare Super Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse visibile in the United States, depending on weather conditions,  January 21st, at 12:17 est. 9:17 January 20th pst. The final Leo- Aquarius eclipse group can stir up the urge for creative and important change, especially if you have planets in Leo and/or Aquarius. We won't see this action again till 2026-2028. 

Eclipses and Full Moons are for important for change and cleaning up. I've included a short list of ideas for cleaning and clearing out your life now that 2019 has just begun. 
Begin with Deep Gratitude for everything and everyone in your life:

  • Start NOW - no procrastinating and waiting for the “right time”

  • Clean your house, your car, your office and this includes drawers, closets, file boxes, jewelry boxes, bookcases, etc.

  • Clean out your unwanted clothes 

  • Handle your finances. Know exactly where you stand with your bank accounts, debts, income, and taxes.

  • Clean up relationships with people. If you’ve been holding off getting into communication with someone, do it now. Make sure to tie up all loose ends before the eclipse tomorrow night

Now you’ll have created the space for new and exciting opportunities in your life! And the space for the Magic Ritual:

  • Candles ( best to use the color associated to work you are doing)

  • Red Candles - passion, love,

  • Pink Candles-bringing in new love

  • White Candles- cleansing, purifying, healing,

  • Blue Candles- Healing, Meditation, Higher Consciousness- Third Eye Work

  • A fireplace (no fireplace… pretend you have one.. Use your imagination.. Live in the woods, have a backyard, create or use your fire pit

  • Frankincense/diffuser (Frankincense is great for purifying)

  • Sage or Palo Santo

  • Music

  • Dance

  • Prayer

  • Paper and Pen/pencil

Personally, I enjoy doing this ritual when it’s dark outside. Magic is magic and energy is energy. It still works. Best time is the day of the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclispe or times before and or after.

Light your candles and your fireplace. Use your room diffuser to light the frankincense. Then play music in the background as your write out your top ten things to release for the month or in general for the Full Moon.  Example, if you’re single and bringing in love, release your single life. If you’re overweight, release your weight. If you say your broke, release that and prepare to bring in your abundance. You get the idea.

Then begin to dance as the fireplace burns and your candles are lighted. Dance out the old and dance in the new. Dance the way our ancestors did back when they celebrated and had rituals.Then, as you dance, release, release, release and when you feel you have danced the release dance enough, give your list of things you have surrendered to the fire (or candles) Then, take large deep breaths and while facing east open your arms wide in acceptance and repeat:

I now allow, accept, and receive infinite abundance and goodness into my life. I now accept all my dreams, wishes, and desires into my life. Thank you, Universe/God. So Be It and So It Is…

Wishing you all a magical and blessed Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 


Elly Molina is s shooting star among ‘seers’. I met her because I was supposed to. There are no accidents. I have had readings by some of the greatest and I am certain she is one of them. Speaking to her for me is like a soaring of consciousness. There is nothing mediocre or mundane about her readings. She gets increasingly powerful and confident as she herself soars with her amazing gift which is sacred and rare. Her humility as she travels through layers and in between the ethereal worlds is what opens her to receive what she does. She is also down to earth and that is an attribute that is exceptional. She goes beyond and is also in the present. 

She is a rare gem. She is an eagle in flight as she weaves her third eye through veils, breaking boundaries and obstacles. She colors the layers of my creativity by her vision and her belief because she does not compromise. She has been given a mission to help people and guide them in the deepest aspects of their lives and she does this with a superior elegance. She is a teacher and a student. She is a prism with many facets and both the sun and the moon reflect on her inner eye which sees through fogs and mists of the human condition. She is that star that never fails to reveal its beauty to us in the night sky if we remember to look and be a child again.-  Manoshi Chitra Neogy- NYC  Author, Film Maker

What Is Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing?

Image from Movie Frequencies

Image from Movie Frequencies

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor Frankl

Remote Viewing is creating quite the buzz right now and part of the excitement is from a fabulous documentary being released in 2019, https://youtu.be/13ZfgLVwZlg  Third Eye Spies.

I first met the director and creator of this documentary, Lance Mungia, in 2015, when I presented my work with psi-kids at the International Remote Viewers Conference.  At the conference and previous conferences thereafter, I felt I had finally found a tribe that really understood my work and what I was doing, given they’d been doing this since the 1970’s. You may have seen some of these psychic spies in the movie, Men Who Stare At Goats, starring George Clooney

If you’re unfamiliar with Remote Viewing, it’s the ability to use our mental faculty to perceive and then describe an object, picture, and/or location, often called a Target, without the use of physical eyes. Remote viewing is unrestricted by time or distance and can be achieved by anyone. Remote Viewing is a learned ability and those who practice regularly experience increased success to see over distance and time. I began teaching basic remote viewing to Middle School students in New  York in 2006. Since then I’ve taught this remarkable skill to children and adults of all ages. You can practice on my website at: https://www.ellymolina.com/remote-view-weekly-1/

One of the many benefits of remote viewing is being able to see a situation before hand from a distance in time and space. Example: What if there were an event you weren’t sure about attending. Rather than expressing doubt, concern, validating and justifying, and seeking confirmation for your choices from outside sources, you went within and remote viewed the situation and “saw” who was going to be there and what the energy would be like. For someone unfamiliar with this process, you may think it’s all your imagination. Well, truth is, the subconscious and the psychic realm communicate through the imaginal realm. 
A client sent me an email the other day saying, “Elly, you’re not going to believe this!” “I did what your told me and it worked!”  I chuckled and replied, “Of course it works, only You had to believe it!”

You’ve probably heard or read somewhere that we use less than 10% of our minds. This myth is still being perpetuated by popular positive thinking gurus. People just keep touting it as science. It’s not true. We are unlimited mind and expand our minds all the time. Our brains' potential is like the ever expanding universe, constantly evolving. It’s up to you how and whether you want to use it in a different capacity.

The Results Are In

“God built the universe on numbers.” — Pythagoras
success with crystal ball .jpg

I used to freeze when it came to projections, stats, and analyzing numerical data. Then in 2018, I hired a very savvy New York City business consultant. She's a seven figure income earner and a specialist in numbers. As much as I love researching and studying, numbers were never my thing. Last year, with her guidance and insight, I learned to see the power of numbers, the power of planning, the power of knowing the numbers, and valuing statistics. I learned that unless you’re messing around with your books, numbers never lie!
So I collected data from my MindPower Consulting Program of 2018 which revealed that 98% of the participants experienced a remarkable year! 

I distinguished 4 categories where participants in MindPower Consulting achieved superior results for 2018:

Clients who worked with me for one full calendar year 

  1. 98% experienced a significant increase in income ( many have reported this was the most income they have ever generated in one year in their lifetime)

  2. 90% created new romantic relationships ( There was one engagement; one scheduled for early 2019 and one wedding is officially on the calendar for 2019)  Only those who specifically intended to create romantic relationships are included here.

  3. 99% saw a significant increase in overall health, well being and happiness.

  4. 98% of those who wished to create a new business did so.

Clients who worked with me for 3 - 6 months:

  1. 95% saw a significant increase in income (new careers opportunities, some left their former jobs to successfully generate income on their own)

  2. 98% created a romantic relationship during this short time ( only counting those who declared this as an intention)

  3. 97% saw a significant change in their happiness level.

According to a newly released research study conducted by the University of Scranton, 77% of the researched population who committed to a New Year’s resolution lasted for one week and only 8% fulfilled on their goals  during the course of a year. 

What if you were part of the 8% of the population that created goals and stuck to them for 2019? 

Would you like to be part of my 2%'ers in 2019's MindPower Consulting who actually declare goals, go for them, and get what they want?

If you're tired of creating goals and not sticking to them and don't know what it is or why things aren't changing, I invite you register for a complimentary consultation with me to see if  2019's MindPower Consulting Program is for you.

Here is the link: 

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and Blessings!

The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started - Mark Twain

Vladimir Suvorov

I believe in the religion of love, whatever direction its caravans may take, for love is my religion and my faith - Ibn Arabi

One benefit of being on the planet a long time is the opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience. A friend once said, "I've already forgotten most of the things you haven't learned yet" and so often when reading articles on "how to" it's old news for me. This is not an ego claim. It's just old news.

After leaving my studies in Transcendental Meditation and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, I moved on to the teachings of Kabbalah, Sufism, Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Zoroastrianism, arriving at my own -Isms.. which are the beliefs, values, and principles I personally live from. It's a pick and choose potpourri with love being the ultimate and end all.

I'm not talking about Hallmark love or mass media, mass consciousness love, I'm talking about LOVE! This energy transcends intense emotions, physical attraction, possessiveness, control, manipulation, masking anger, hurt, resentment when conditions aren't met. Love that all the isms speak of and reach for is the purest acceptance of all.  It is unconditional ( s/he doesn't have to meet certain requirements and expectations in order to be "loved"), it is permanent and it is not dependent on outside sources, circumstances, or situations. This is a State of Being to live from. Love is appreciation and acceptance for all. To reach this state a person must develop awareness. On the ladder of human emotions and development, getting to the state of Love is climbing each rung, from trusting that life and our love will provide for our security. As we climb the ladder of self development to the highest rung, contribution, this is where we are so filled with the depths and magnitudes of gratitude, we can contribute without resentment and conditions.
If you feel you're still on the rung of needing to create, maintain, and increase your security, yet feel a compelling desire and calling to empower and contribute to others, working with me one on one in my consulting program, just might be a fit for you.
You'll learn how to go from needing security, being stuck in the conversation of how will I ever get ... to creating and empowering and contributing to others. Here's  what others have shared about their life altering experiences through our work: 

I am sending this email because I want to sincerely THANK YOU for helping me to find the strength and courage to change my life and most importantly for believing in me and helping me to realize my self worth. I can feel this is the beginning of absolute magic and I am so excited!! I appreciate all of the beautiful wisdom, knowledge, stories and resources you are sharing with me. I feel like my treasure box is overflowing right now with goodies- December, 2018 

I have been working with Elly very closely for over a year. In addition to being such a bright light during my many transitions over the past year, she has been the guiding force for me to call in the love of my life. She showed me how to change my thought patterns, how focusing on gratitude calls in miracles and gave me the tools to get into the energy space of love and receiving. In the summer of 2018 she told me my man was here, he was on his way, and everything was going to happen very quickly so get ready. Well, what do you know, it's happening quickly. I met the man of my dreams and we are already talking about our future together. I have never ever been happier in my life and I knew instantly this guy was the one. I cannot thank you enough Elly! - Anonymous, September 2018

Prior to working with Elly, I was depressed and felt stuck in my life. My career was going nowhere and I was afraid to take any steps or make any changes. While working with her I started to see things from a much clearer perspective. After only a month of of working with her I was able to identify what the problems were and made important changes that allowed me to start moving forward again. I was able to end a business relationship that was bringing me down and move on with my head up high. I started working again and my work reached new heights. I started forming new relationships and generating good income. One exercise we did that has been amazing was to plan my year in advance. We set goals for each quarter. As I look back in the year with my notes I am amazed at how much it became a reality, even to the exact amount of income I set out to make. After working with her I believe miracles CAN happen and that we CAN create our reality! -Anonymous, Oct. 2018

Sweet recipe a great winter warm up  and link for a complimentary consultation: 

Maple Cardamon Latte:
1 cup unsweetend almond or cashew milk
1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
1 Tablesppon almond or cashew butter
1/2 tablespoon pure vvanillar extract 
1 Tablesppon pure maple syrup
1/2 cup balck cofee

In a sauscepan combine the milk, cardamom, almond butter, vanilla and maple syrup. Bring to a high summer over medium head. Transfer the milk to a high speed blender and blend until smooth and frothy. Pour half a cup of strong black coffee into your mug and top it with the milk and enjoy.

Love and blessings,

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Mercury Retrograde, Again?

Last week I wrote of the deeper spiritual connections you may experience with the planet as Mars enters Pisces from Nov. 15th till the end of December. If you’re feeling pulled to get to nature follow that pull. It’s the planet calling you home. Follow your intuitive hit and heed the calling. On November 16th Venus, the planet of love and money turns direct after it’s retrograde since October. Money and love experiences will now be moving forward again. If you’re planning on dating this is a perfect time to begin. Also, our relationships to others take on more warmth and deeper connections at this time. You may find it easier to express your emotions.  And while all these warm and fuzzy feelings are going on, Mercury Retrogrades  on November 16th until December 6th. If you’re unfamilier with the Mercury Retrograde, that might be a blessing or you can look it up here in the astrology primer:https://www.ellymolina.com/astrology-primer/ ( scroll till you find the Mercury Retrograde)

I suggest you become the observer of the Mercury Retrograde experience rather than a participant or victim of it. Things always happen.Things always break down. Pay attention. You want to be greater than the collective consciousness' belief that Mercury Retrograde will mess up your life. These make great sensational blogs and it’s an excellent time to step back and become the Observer of the phenomena rather than a participant in it.

Many of you have reported to me you’ve felt an energy shift, a lightness of being lately that hadn’t been present for a long time. You’ve been sensing and feeling the optimism of Jupiter working now in Sagittarius for the next year. The energy of the planet, with Mars in Pisces, has shifted and it’s a great time to record your experiences, feelings, synchronicities, coincidences, and spiritual/ psychological insights over the next few months.

We are no longer entering the higher dimension realms, we are in them and If you’ve been feeling the pull towards becoming a Lightworker (perhaps this is not your language) the healer, the teacher, the spiritual guide or student, the seeker, the one who knows you’re here to make a difference, then consider yourself among those who have been called. Now, it’s up to you to heed the calling and follow through with The Work  (more on The Work in Monday’s email)

It’s time to step into the acceptance of the Planet’s calling for you. Not everyone is called; however, there’s an extremely high chance that if you’re reading this email, spirit, God/ Source/ Angels… some connection outside of your beta brain thinking has connected with you and watered the seed within you. Now is the time to get out and make the difference. If you’re uncertain what that looks like or where you’d even begin we can look at that on a complimentary connection call. When our paths call us and we ignore the calling there is a sadness and longing that lodges itself in our bodies. I invite you not to go down that path when other paths, more alive  and fulfilling await you. It’s a simple choice.
I've got a few openings for connection calls tomorrow and then again after the 25th. Why not take advantage of this, set aside some time, and see if we can find the way for you to step into your greater dreams and inner callings.

The Alchemical Power of Words

In the beginning was the Word

This week’s planetary excitement is all about the New Moon in Scorpio On November 7th, at 11:03 am est/ 8:03 am pst. If you’re unfamiliar with New and Full Moon Rituals, you can read about them here: https://www.ellymolina.com/rituals-for-the-new-moon-full-moon-and-white-light-blessings/

We plant our seeds for the future on the New Moon. We write our wishes in the present tense then tuck them away for their fulfillment in the future. Think of the wish as the arrow, pulled and released from the bow. It’s in motion now and approaching it’s target.

This Scorpio New Moon is an excellent time for some cleaning, too. Although we associate the New Moon with new beginnings we often need to cleanse first. If there are things to clean out in your life, whether in physical form, people, things, it’s a perfect time. This New Moon in Scorpio offers to reveal secrets and reasons we may have been wondering “why”. One of my favorite affirmations to speed along the information is a simple, “Everything is revealed to me now”.  Then be ready for the revelations! 

Revelations often come to us in the form of words. And the world and everything in it manifests through the element of speech. Our words have the power to create great goodness, health, and happiness. Our words have the power to create miracles and bring forth from the unseen realm. Like, clay, being molded into form, that is the power of our words. The etymology of the English word “Word”  (woort) is Old Germanic ( Old Saxon and Old Frisian) and meant a promise. The English word for “Wound” (wund) also derives from (Old Saxon and Old Frisian) Wound and Word have common similarities in other languages as well, because the Word causes Wounds as well as heals. We wound ourselves and others through the words we continuously repeat to ourSelves in our self talk. We deprecate, we doubt, we diminish our beautiful perfection daily. We create dis-ease causing emotions to flood our bodies when we speak unkindly of ourselves or use hateful words towards others and ourselves. The Word can be both healer and causer of many wounds. We lash out at others when angry ( unless you’ve got your emotional IQ seriously developed) and we know age has nothing to do with Emotional Intelligence. We see this ongoingly through our social media sites where prominent people use words harshly to wound others.

If you’re interested in attaining a better life and if you’re looking to walk the spiritual journey, the place to begin is with your Word. When you give your Word to another, you’re giving aPromise. When you give your Word to another it counts. When you give your Word to youSelf it matters. When you speak kindly and lovingly to yourself and all living entities on this planet, it matters. It is a frequency. When you speak cruelly and diminishing to yourSelf and others you cause harm to your own body and those around you. It is a choice, like everything in life. Choose your thoughts and your words wisely. When you do, miracles will happen. Perhaps you will use this time to begin a conscious practice using Your Words to Heal. Start with your Self Talk! 

I’m doing the White Light Blessing on November 7th. The calendar is full right now, however, if you wish to have a White Light Blessing, please send me an email and I’ll see if we can work in a time for you. https://www.ellymolina.com/rituals-for-the-new-moon-full-moon-and-white-light-blessings/

As always, I'm here for readings, consulting, and check ins. If you do not see a service listed, please send me an email.

Mystical Energies of the Mercury- Neptune Trine

It has always been hard to break the shell and reach the jewel inside, however, when the time comes and we’re ready, we can break the shell & reach the jewel inside

As we move towards the delicious energy of the Mercury -Trine Neptune aspect, happening on Friday, we’ll encounter opportunities to practice decision making based on our intuition. We may have heightened psychic and intuitive  abilities these past few days leading up to the conjunction and throughout .

You’ll be able  to sense the feelings of others and some of us might have our telepathy be spot on! These next few days are perfect for those hard to have discussions and conversations; so a perfect time to plan on speaking from your heart and soul.
Our extra sensory perceptions will be heightened and if you’re paying attention to the “other” world around you, non verbal, psychic communication, is effectively enhanced and your intuition will be strong and spot on! 
Do your best not to doubt yourself at this time. If it feels like a “strong hit” trust that it is just that! This is a great time for philosophy about the metaphysical, discussions about the unknown, and just deeper exploration into fields that intuitively excite and call to you. I’ve suggested to a few of my consulting clients to pull out or obtain the The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure, by James Redfield, with emphasis on the Nine Insights and practicing and applying them daily to our lives. 

In order to gain access to Higher Conscious Awareness and learning to begin to live and work in 5th Field Dimensionality, the entry point to this understanding, lies with developing our human potential and our awareness. With this gentle, deeply mystical transit happening now, this weekend, it’s the perfect time to connect, reconnect, explore and develop a deeper understanding of the mystical unseen world in which we live. 
We learn about psychic and intuitive development not for its phenomena, but rather to teach and remind us of our interconnectedness with one another and the planet. We all have vital roles to play on this earth and we all have deeper soul connections that are calling us to take action on them.

If you’re interested in working with me to learn how to have a deeper connection to this mystical world around us and wish to learn to access and direct it through your intuition and your consciousness, please schedule a complimentary session with me to discuss how my consulting program could be for you and if you’re ready to go deeper into working with the subtle, malleable energies of our planet to forge your dream life, please consider a call with me.

As always, I’m available for readings and consultations. If there is a service you do not see on the schedule please reach out and ask. 

Have an amazing, deeply soulful weekend and enjoy the mystical, unseen energies, around you! Love and blessings,

I have been working with Elly very closely for over a year. In addition to being such a bright light during my many transitions over the past year, she has been the guiding force for me to call in the love of my life. She showed me how to change my thought patterns, how focusing on gratitude calls in miracles and gave me the tools to get into the energy space of love and receiving. In the summer of 2018 she told me my man was here, he was on his way, and everything was going to happen very quickly so get ready. Well, what do you know, it's happening quickly. I met the man of my dreams and we are already talking about our future together. I have never ever been happier in my life and I knew instantly this guy was the one. I cannot thank you enough Elly!




Your Amazing Human Potential

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” 
 Ralph Waldo Emerson


Back in the 80’s when I was a Middle School teacher in New York, I envisioned writing a book titled, “Yes, YOU Can, too”. The topic revolved around empowering teens to achieve and accomplish anything they wanted provided they had guidance, desire, and a defined plan to achieve it.
Thirty-one years passed before Children Who Know How to Know, was published, and while it’s not an empowerment book for teens, it provides adults with tools to empower and guide themselves and others. I mention my book because last Wednesday, October 10th, I conducted my first California Workshop since 2016, where I incorporated exercises from it.

At Mystic Bookshop in Venice, California, participants and I just marveled at the successful results so many had with remote viewing for the first time and telepathic activities. Remote viewing is seeing across distance and time without the use of your eyesight. We use our“third eye” the pineal gland to see. The participants sat across from a treasure chest placed on a table in the front of the room. No one could see into the treasure chest with their eyes. They had to use a different part of their brain and consciousness to get “inside” the chest to “see”. Below are some of the images the participants drew as they psychically “peered” into the box. Then, they took their consciousness and looked into folders to see images. Bottom line, all the images here, known as “Bullseyes” and “Hits” happened without the use of participants’ physical eyesight. They used easy remote viewing techniques with their eyes closed.

If you’re asking why learn and practice this? Well, for one, it’s very, very, very empowering to realize your personal psychic abilities. And, once you’ve gotten a taste of what YOU can do mentally and psychically, you’ll have more courage and mental fortitude to boldly pursue dreams that may have held you back due to fearful thoughts and monkey mind chatter. In my book, Children Who Know How to Know, I share how important having psychic and intuitive skills are for emotional development and accessing higher consciousness. One can not access higher consciousness and awareness when worry, despair, anxiety, and defeating self talk occupy your mental focus and energy.

Developing psychic ability demands trusting your intuition. The faster you learn to act on your intuition, the more successful you will be, both personally and professionally and it’s important to identify how your specific intuition appears. Some of us feel it in our bodies. Others hear. For some, it’s a vision or perception of energy, and for me, it’s a combination and a deep knowingness appearing out of thin air. Developing your intuition and psychic abilities is your connection to Higher Consciousness, Greater Conscious Awareness, and greater dimensionality.

Over the years of working in this field with children and adults, I’ve developed a few programs to teach you to access, develop and trust your intuition. This week I’ve opened12 slots for a complimentary conversation with me to discuss how you may begin or continue to develop your intuitive and psychic abilities. Also, we can look at what beliefs may be holding you back and what to do about them.
Scroll down till you see : Complimentary Consultation re: Psychic Development 
30 minutes
Looking to access, enhance, develop and work with your own powerful psychic abilities? Not sure how this can benefit. Set up a time to speak with me and let's see what you can achieve through this program and working with me.


As always I’m available for readings, check-ins, and consulting.

Love and blessings,

" Thank you, Elly! What a lovely experience it was to go beyond my thinking critical mind and just go for it.. it was amazing!!!  - First time Remote Viewer 

"An awesome workshop. Thank you Elly

Jupiter Trine Neptune ~Twin Flame Connections

If you woke up feeling happy the past few days, you’re possibly experiencing the Jupiter trine Neptune conjunction happening for us. Astrologers call this the “big one” of the year as its effects bring us a sort of magical and mystical love transcending the material, physical, 3-dimensional plane. Channelers, spiritualists, astrologers, that work with Twin Flame energies and soul mate energies have felt this is the time for these souls to meet and embark on their journey together, for the ultimate benefit of humanity.

My dear friend, who is an expert in this field, shared that twin flames are coming together now to heal the planet and enable many lightworkers to join together in a super powerful force bringing light, love, and healing to the planet while guiding in the ascension to the higher dimensionalities and living life from the states of love, peace, bliss, joy, gratitude, and effervescence. How wonderful this is! This is part of the transcendence and this beautiful conjunction happened this Sunday on August 19th.

If you’re single and looking for a partner, this is the time to prepare and do the work on the higher levels. It takes more than “a wish list of what I want in a partner”, a vision board, and prayers and affirmations. It takes a state change and learning to live, think, create, and be, from a new way of thinking and being. It takes entering into the higher frequencies of conscious awareness and living ongoingly from that space.

The Jupiter trine Neptune conjunction will also have us understand love from a new perspective. We are no longer talking about  basic physical and chemical attractions to a person. This conjunction has us rise higher, go deeper, connect on soul levels and higher dimensional levels. This conjunction will have you seek to bring depth, mystical, esoteric love into your existing relationships as well. It’s an excellent time to work with a mentor, a spiritual guide and teacher.

Again, this conjunction will demonstrate the gulf now beginning to grow between relationships in the 3 dimensional limitation and understanding and relationships that are transcending, evolving, seeking higher consciousness, to make a difference for not only themselves, but humanity and the planet as well. These higher dimensional love relationships are absolutely necessary at a time where the “old world” ( as I like to call it) is struggling in chaos, fear, collapsing financial institutions in some countries, collapsing infrastructures in major cities around the world, pollution, wildfires,  and environmental disregard for our planet and all living creatures on it. This new level of love will anchor the light and love all over the globe for the ascension into the "new world".

If you’re still arguing about who takes out the trash in your relationship, please schedule a call with me, and let’s get you upleveled. You and I both know, it’s never about the trash!

I am currently residing on the east coast and have very limited availability this week. As ofAugust 27th may calendar is open again and I’d love to connect with you and work with you in areas where you might be struggling.

Enjoy your week and the beautiful conjunction. Remind yourself to create and bring love and gratitude to each of your days!
I look forward to connecting with you!

Love and blessings,


Entering a New World, A Metamorphosis, a True Transformation!

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Photo courtesy of  https://www.instagram.com/whitewaterimagery/

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Photo courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/whitewaterimagery/

Have you been feeling crazy energy? Feel like your world is upside down, unsettled, even downright chaotic? Well, welcome to the New World.  As we balance out the frequencies around us, it’s a bit chaotic; so if your life is topsy-turvy right now, you’re NOT ALONE.

This morning I woke up to my one of my email accounts hijacked/ hacked, compromised.  Yikes!! It was a mess. I had taken the day off to prepare for my family coming out from New York and I was all excited only to learn my account had been compromised and their flight potentially delayed!

Then the past week till now, texst and emails from clients experiencing such unusual things, barraged my inbox and phone! I have never seen so many upsets and unexpected ones in all my life of doing this work (and that included years of hours of online psychic work for “The World’s  No.1 online psychic company!)

Are things going to settle down? Eventually. Unfortunately I can not give you a date. I’m not going to ascribe any of this activity to Mercury Retrograde, the Full Moon, the Eclipse, because I personally believe it’s greater than that!

If you’ve been following astrology and spiritual teachings, you’ll know we are entering into a New World, a metamorphosisa true transformation! Some people refer to it as the New Earth, others as the paradigm shift, and up until a few weeks ago, I believed it was a paradigm shift, too, UNTIL it occurred to me: this is the beginning of what historians, linguists, philosophers, and scientists refer to as an Episteme. Epistemes are rare. That’s why you won’t hear a lot about them. They take hundreds of years to happen. Think about the ongoing evolution from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. That took hundreds of years. From the Renaissance to the Industrial Age and from the Industrial Age to NOW, a shift in technology, science, and conscious awareness as we have never experienced before.

Our technology, science, philosophy, and beliefs are creating the new and emergingEpisteme. The shift in consciousness is a bit slower and here is where many spiritualists are referring to the 3-D, 4-D and 5th dimensional reality, when in essence, what we are experiencing is an OLD WORLD (old world thinking… example.. Thoughts have no impact on our reality… Emotions do not affect our body chemistry and cause illness, an unawareness of the existence of the Monkey Mind (that ongoing chatter in your head, causing you to doubt yourself and prevent you from stepping into your higher self)  This is also where dinosaur professions will be collapsing and people will be forced into new ways of earning income if they haven’t been making the shifts in conscious awareness. The time is now to make the shifts. You want to be in front of the wave, riding it, and not in or under it!

People who think and speak from the Old World are in a very different frequency/ dimension, than more conscious, highly conscious, aware people. It is not a judgement, nor an I’m better than you phenomena. It’s just more challenging to speak to people of theOld World than it is to have a conversation with someone in the same frequency/ understanding as you.
This energy is also filled with purging: out with the old as we enter the Lion’s Gate Portalon August 8th. 

I’d love to have a conversation with you or have you schedule a session with me to see what's ahead for you. If you’re ready to make the shifts into Higher Consciousness and Awareness, it’s going to require education, retraining of language and thought patterns and mentoring! And I’d be so happy to work with you.

Please schedule a time to have a chat with me and let’s connect further as we embark towards being a part of this New Episteme!

The New Episteme

This eclipse and the subsequent days to follow will surely impact many of us in most interesting ways. I suggest you journal your experiences. Coincidences, synchronicities, exciting phenomena have a way of disappearing from our memories when not recorded. With the eclipse right behind us and the very powerful Lion’s Gate Portal ( August 8th, 2018) ahead of us, it’s quite possible you are feeling a bit disoriented. No cause for alarm. Consciousness is shifting. You may be feeling and sensing it without understanding. A friend shared this experience with me a few hours after the eclipse:

“On my drive to work today, 4.7 miles from my home, I looked out at the trees and felt as if I was looking at them from above and I saw them differently, as though it was another dimension, like a city in a snow globe being shaken”  

This was a glimpse from another dimension. You may also notice yourself having similar experiences. Hence, record it. You’ll want to reference back to these experiences as you document your experiences of entering into a new and historic Episteme.

You may be hearing and reading a lot about the shift in consciousness, the paradigm shift, and the New Earth and if you haven’t, you’ll be hearing more from me as the weeks and months go by only I am not going to refer to this new consciousness as the “New Earth Movement”; as we are only historically entering into this period now. Perhaps the“New Earth” will stick. Historians will record this new time and eventually name it. 

If anyone is familiar with the work of the famous philosopher, linguist and historian, Michel Foucault, you’ll recall that he worked with the concept of Epistemes.

Foucault taught that the history of science is not a single, linear trajectory towards more knowledge but rather perspectives, conversations, discoveries, and insights that disrupt the current cultural perspective. There are historically only three major Epistemes in over the last 800 years in western european culture.

In order to understand an Episteme, look at it like this: there is the conscious behavior of a culture and the unconscious behavior. The conscious rules of society are rules we know and understand consciously and make decisions according to. We consciously know that our society dictates we publicly wear clothes every day. The unconscious levels that determine how we think, write, and behave are so deeply embedded into our society and belief system we wouldn't even think of walking out the door to go to a public event naked! 

An example of an episteme is the Middle Ages: In the Early Middle Ages what was considered scientific knowledge would be ridiculed by today’s scientists. That the Earth was flat or that the planets revolved around Earth would be dismissed immediately by modern scientists.  However, at the time of those teachings with their knowledge, it was considered scientific fact .

The Episteme is the unconscious rule that governs serious scientific conversations in a certain society in a certain time. And this determines what does and does not get taken seriously by the scientific community. We are now entering into a new Episteme in the history of humanity. Remember, it is unconscious. Most of the time people are not even aware of this because it is a set of unconscious rules that govern our behavior.

You may wonder how the Episteme differs from the Paradigm:

1. A  paradigm is conscious. Scientists and researchers are conscious of this knowledge and behavior. An Episteme is unconscious because the rules are so deeply ingrained in our thinking.

2. A paradigm happens in a specific field of study, ie. history, linguists, art, etc. where as the episteme encompasses all facets of culture, history, and science.

3. Paradigms do not live long. There could be several paradigm shifts in a century.  According to Foucault, epistemes happen very rarely. There have only been three epistemes in science in western culture in the past 800 years,

Therefore when an episteme changes its impact on science and society is huge.  It happens in every discipline at once. Last Summer at the Salon in Krakow, I spoke aboutEpistemes and my views that we are now creating a new Episteme.

This change will impact us tremendously. We don’t even have an accurate vocabulary to discuss many of these changes yet. It will be up to us to create the vocabulary.  Those of us on the forefront might refer to ourselves as Lightworkers, bringing the new heightened awareness and unconscious changes to the world.

A few years ago, my friend telling me he saw the trees and felt as if he was looking at them from above and saw them differently, as though it was another dimension, would be called crazy or just dismissed. Only now, as we understand and have experienced other dimensionality, telepathy, remote viewing, telekinesis, spontaneous healings, remote/distance healings, we begin to find this phenomena in scientific magazines and journals. We are witnessing the new Episteme. It’s an exciting time to live in, aware and mindful, as our consciousness and personal awareness will shape the developingEpisteme we are entering.

I am very excited for what is next as we enter into new realms of dimensionality, tip the scales of consciousness, and create history!  This is an incredible time to be alive!

Very Important Energy Shifts - Keep a Journal and Record Your Experiences

Whether you keep a journal or not, I’m requesting you record your experiences, feelings, synchronicities, coincidences, and spiritual/ psychological insights over the next few days. The energy shift begins on July 22nd, as the Sun enters Leo. Consciousness has been shifting over the past few years and right now, on July 22nd and July 23, a massive energy shift into higher dimensions becomes available to us, especially on July 26th and 27th.

If you’ve been feeling the pull towards becoming a Lightworker (perhaps this is not your language) the healer, the teacher, the spiritual guide or student, the seeker, the one who knows you’re here to make a difference, then consider yourself among those who have been called. Now, it’s up to you to heed the calling and follow through with The Work  (more on The Work in a following email. For now, let’s pay attention to the shift happening in consciousness)

As the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, many will be called to action, as if a personal knowingness has awakened in you. Perhaps you can identify with this feeling or sensation. If yes, get your journals out and begin to record synchronicities, ideas, coincidences, mega ah ha moments, any sort of shift that is different from your usual way of being. This experience intensifies on the 23rd, as Mars opposes the Moon’s Node in Aquarius. The Portal opens. For many of you, who’ve recently read with me, you might remember back to my telling you the Portal has been opened now. Now, at the time of your reading, no matter how many months ago is NOW in current linear time. I’ve got a meditation you can use for this opening and if you’re interested, please drop me an email and I’ll send it to you. You want to be doing this particular meditation on both July 26th and July 27th, as many of us will access realms of higher consciousness, namely 4th and 5th dimensions. It’s going to be flipping awesome and if you’re interested in learning more about this I’ve created a special link for you here to get a  30 minute reading to see how YOU can tap into the consciousness over the next few days and where all this activity is happening in your personal astrological chart. The reading will be limited to this particular aspect of your chart and the role you are called to play according to Esoteric Astrology and your particular field of influence https://ellymolina.as.me/?appointmentType=7565339

July 26th brings the Mercury Retrograde and this one will be unlike any others you’ve experienced. On July 26th, when you begin the intense meditative work, you’ll be opening your third dimensional Self to the higher frequencies of the 4th and 5th dimensions. You’ll be given information vital for you on your journey for this lifetime as a LightWorker. If you’ve been unclear as to where to move, when to change jobs, whether to stay or leave a relationship, job, home, the information will be given to you. You will be called to go where you are needed. Be open to this information.  You may not feel like this is what you need, only your Higher Self will show you. The signs will be there.

Now, on July 27th, we experience the Blood Red Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the longest eclipse of the century, happening at 4 degrees of Aquarius. Here’s your opportunity to enter into the Lion’s Gate Portal from July 26th/27th till August 8th. This is such an exciting time. Please make sure you surrender yourself to these energies, keep a journal, learn to really and truly manifest and accept the lessons and guidance you’ll be given during this precious time on Earth.

I am very excited for what is next as we enter into new realms of dimensionality and tip the scales of consciousness. This is an incredible time to be alive!

I look forward to connecting with you all in the near future!
Love and blessings,



"Working with Elly was like finding the final piece of the puzzle!"

"My session with Elly was GREAT! It was really valuable to have her drop in and share her insights with me -- many of which confirmed my own deep knowing and intuitions. She also shared new insights I hadn't been able to see on my own. Working with Elly was like finding the final piece of the puzzle! She's electric. Hyper tuned in. And gets straight to the heart of the matter. There's a clear path ahead of me. And I feel more confident than ever before! If you're reading this right now it's because you're meant to. Work with Elly!!" -Anonymous CA. 



Searching For The Miraculous

If you’ve experienced business slowing down, delays in plans, encountered obstacles in your path this week, you haven’t been alone. A number of people experienced halting planetary energies, while others have gone on this week to achieve miracles. It always amazes me. Perhaps we can link it to our personal transiting astrological charts, perhaps we can say it’s our karma, or kismet. And while we attribute some of these experiences to the heavens, we’re also reminded of synchronicities and signs unique to our own personal journey. Perhaps you missed that meeting because you weren’t meant to be there. Perhaps your business is slow because you need to rest and refocus. Perhaps your business is booming because you’ve had a change in attitude and all the pieces of months of hard work have come together.

We humans need reasons. We like to know why and we ascribe meaning to everything. We’ve been called meaning making machines for a reason. Spiritual teacher, mystic, and philosopher, Gurdjieff taught in his “work” known as “The Fourth Way”  that humans live in a state of hypnotic, waking sleep, like machines. He compared the unconscious, spiritually unawakened person to an automated being, dedicated to his/her habits and never aware or cognizant of self talk or what it means to be fully present.  Only when we are awakened, when we realize there is more to life than our habitual ways of being, thinking and doing, can we become awakened to higher states of consciousness. Here, in the higher states, is where Human Potential can be actualized. Here is where we can easily manifest, create, see synchronicities, be in flow with the pulse of the Universe without stress and malaise.

Living a conscious, awakened life takes work, hence Gurdjieff called The Fourth Way, “the work”, a term often used by other spiritual teachers who came many years after his death. What does it look like to live a consciously awakened life as opposed to living in the state of waking sleep?

For one, it’s the realization that when we understand what it means to be fully present, to physically and mentally, consciously be in the here and now, in the observer state of our reality, we can immediately affect our personal realities. We can create an instant manifestation. Secondly, it’s recognizing that our interpretation of situations, conversations, occurrences, is solely unique to us and our own personal spin on the the event. We give the circumstance, the conversation, the event meaning. It’s understanding the term “It is what it is” and nothing more.

This weekend, what if you practiced remembering your Self. What that means is that you become the observer of your own life. You see your Self from a higher perspective. You view your behaviors, your thoughts from a conscious, aware State, and remove your Self from habitual, mindless behavior. If you can do this for a few minutes, you’ll have succeeded! Maintaining and living from a fully awakened state takes years of practice. We get glimpses of being in that State ever so often. Living in and from this State is Miraculous.

An excellent place to begin is with being conscious of your Self talk and practicing controlling your self talk, catching phrases of negativity, doubt, despair, and turning them into opportunities for gratitude and beauty. Then, practice seeing your Self as the observer in a room, in a situation, in a conversation. Practice responsibility for your conversations with others, understanding that the response you receive is a direct result of the communication you intended. For many of us, being and living from this place is difficult and often times we don't and can't see the benefit of it. For those of us who have been here and reside in this State for longer periods we recognize the magic, miracles and beauty and seek to maintain this way of being more and more. 

I’d love to hear your experiences.  


I'd like to share my book trailer with you all: 

And if you'd like to purchase a copy of Annabelle and the Domino, personally autographed, please drop me an email. 

"Working with Elly was like finding the final piece of the puzzle!"

"My session with Elly was GREAT! It was really valuable to have her drop in and share her insights with me -- many of which confirmed my own deep knowing and intuitions. She also shared new insights I hadn't been able to see on my own. Working with Elly was like finding the final piece of the puzzle! She's electric. Hyper tuned in. And gets straight to the heart of the matter. There's a clear path ahead of me. And I feel more confident than ever before! If you're reading this right now it's because you're meant to. Work with Elly!!" -Anonymous CA. 

Trust Your Intuition

We’ve finally got some planetary action happening this week. Mercury enters Cancer, translating into more emotional and sensitive conversations, so careful with how you approach things. Be sensitive to your audience and with whom you’re communicating. Consider other people’s feelings in your communicative delivery these next few days.  Then on June 13th, we’ve got a New Moon in Gemini. This New Moon is all about communication, providing us with a fabulous opportunity to practice, refine, polish, and educate ourselves regarding intention of our communication and delivery. Think about this: Werner Ehrhardt once said, The reaction you got was the communication you intended.”  True indeed. Just think about it next time someone “reacts” to what you have said! Whether you believe it or not, you unconsiously wanted and created the reaction you got! 

Venus enters Leo on June 13 and remains in Leo until July 9th. What a fabulous time to show how generous, warm hearted, expressive and loving you are! Allow yourself to acknowledge, validate, and appreciate yourself and others. Everyone loves being adored in one way or another. Be generous with your affections and your kindness only be real. People know when you’re not genuine or real. Our bodies have a built in BS detector and while we may not believe we have it, or fall under the influence of other people’s “kind words”, we all know intuitively when it’s not real. Honor yourself by honoring your intuition.
If you’re still not trusting your intuition, here’s a simple exercise: Remember back to an experience you had when you somehow “knew” it was not good for you to do something or get involved with someone? Remember that feeling? Later, when things didn't work out, you looked back and KNEW all along. Well, that’s the feeling you want to work with when making decisions and choices. You want to practice trusting the feelings and sensations you have, even if you don’t understand why or they make no sense at the moment. I’ve got techniques outlined in my book, Children Who Know How to Know, which is NOT a children’s book, as many people believe. It’s a resource guide for working with you own and other’s intuitive development. The book is available at Amazon, right here:

Curious about your own super powers and how you, too, can learn to access, develop and trust them? Come attend one of my upcoming live events. Hit reply to this email and I”ll get you on the list as soon as the dates are set for Bellevue, Washington, Seattle, New York City, and Los Angeles. You’ll be among the first to know!

As always, I’m available for readings, intuitive consulting, and guiding you towards your personal North Star!

Love and blessings,


" I have NEVER EVER met someone with so much talent and skill. She is highly educated and communicates very well and able to adapt to everyone's needs.Elly has been a guiding force for me as I have been through good as well as challenging times. Elly tells it like it is, never holding any back, just the way I like it. I can trust Elly in what she tells me. Thank you Elly Molina for always being there for me! You are one in a million!!" -TR- VA. May, 2018 


Reasons to turn your unwanted jewelry into cash


A few years ago I did Psychometry (using an object to ascertain information from the past, present, and future through physical contact with that object.) in a Tacoma, Wa. banquet room. Each guest sealed a personal object in an unmarked, white envelope and passed it up to the front. I then answered psychic questions and provided information while holding the object. One time I held a ring and felt sick to my stomach. Images of heartache, heartbreak, and emotional suffering flashed before me followed by sorrow, tears, and death! I thought, "Why are you still wearing?"

Much of the metaphysical world teaches that items carry frequency. The jewelry and items, including homes, gardens, objects, carry the frequency of the previous experiences or owner. You’ve surely experienced walking into someone’s home and “feeling” or “sensing” the energy. We often choose adjectives such as heavy, dark, light, joyous, to describe our impressions.  

Our jewelry holds frequencies of our emotional experiences and memories. The items carry emotions, history or a story of our lives at that time.

The next time you wear a piece of jewelry, think about the emotions associated with it & the experiences you’ve had while wearing it.  Are these the emotions you wish to carry with you in your auric, energy field? If yes, awesome! If not, here are a few things you can do with your jewelry:

1: Turn unwanted or sorrowful jewelry into cash when the time is right.

2: Clean in saltwater and pay attention to how “attached” you are to the piece. You want to make sure that what you’re wearing is in alignment to your current energy. You want to maintain a vibration of wellness for yourself and your body.

3: Use Holy Water to wash or wipe your pieces.

4. Sprinkle or spray flower essences, aromatherapy sprays onto the jewelry

5. Infuse the jewelry with reiki.

So, if you’ve had an unpleasant experience while wearing your favorite jewelry, clean it off immediately. Remove the energy from the day’s experience and polish it up. Give your favorite pieces an energized, alchemical, energy facelift using one or more of the above techniques!

This week I've heard some super happy success stories:
" Life is GREAT"  
"You're predication came through exactly on the date you said! Amazing, Thank you!" 

I’ve been blessed to witness many people’s dreams come to fruition and to have played a part of the process of their creation. In MindPower Consulting using the psychic realm to access subconscious beliefs is so powerful. Sometimes, in just a few minutes, life altering information reveals itself. 

If you could use additional support in capturing, articulating, and launching your dreams set up your 10 min consultation session and let's see if we're a fit. 


On March 18th, 2018, I will be presenting at the New Life Expo at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan, NY. If you’re in the area, please drop by. We will be learning how to Access Your Super Power Abilities. You’ll walk away awed by your own super power, psychic abilities. If you any questions about the New Life Expo, please email me or go their website:


Jupiter Retrogrades on March 8th 2018

Jupiter and astrology .jpeg

0n Feb.17th, 1600, Giordano Bruno,hung upside down naked, tongue and mouth imprisoned by an iron muzzle to prevent “his wicked words” from escaping, prior to being burned alive at the stake in the Campo di  Fiori. Bruno’s wicked words described a universe, infinite, not capable of comprehension, endless, limitless, and of cosmic pluralism.

Today, nearly 420 years later, people’s lives, careers, livelihood, and reputions are destroyed by others who believe in “wicked words” that can potentially disrupt or threaten what we deem and believe we know about life and the world.

When we think about what we believe we know about the world and our universe, you’ll often still hear people saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  Consider the size of our world. Now imagine what our Earth looks like from space. Then keep looking at the speck we call Earth from the Cosmos. Now, come back and measure the space between your eyes. It is approximately 4 inches. Now, measure the space between your ears; approximately 6 inches. You think, you can really get the entire picture of life, the world and dimensionality from your reference point?

Astrologers looked to the Cosmos for life’s answers. Planets became anthropomorphic. Jupiter, our largest planet, was named after Jove, King of the Gods. As King, Jupiter bestows his blessings and luck upon us, until he goes Retrograde into the darker shadows of Scorpio. Jupiter retrogrades till July, 10th, 2018. During this time, as Jupiter retrogrades, your beliefs about the world, the cosmos, your life, your perceptions, your assumptions, will be challenged. And, while, mainstream consciousness may believe we need to be iron clad muzzled during this time, I see it as a time of liberation from existing, out dated attitudes and suppositions.

If you’ve got limiting beliefs about yourself and the world, Jupiter’s retrograde challenges you to release them. Holding onto old, antiquated beliefs is hard, stifling, and exhausting. Our bodies require more energy to stay small, safe and constricted than when we imagine a greater, vibrant, and expansive world, where we shrink in order to make ourselves feel better in others’ company.

For the next few months, think of yourself as an expanding, truth seeking, truth asserting seeker and leader. Play full out. Get on the court if that’s where you want to be. Expand your imagination just as the Astrologers did while looking up to the Cosmos hundreds of years before us.

I’ve been blessed to witness many people’s dreams come to fruition and to have played a part of the process in their creation. Do you need additional support in capturing, articulating, and launching your dreams? If yes, set up your 10 min consultation session with me and let’s begin.


I look forward to co creating with you.

Wishing you all a blessed and wonderful weekend!

"I have created big financial abundance out of no-where and fast, and I quit my day job! "  JS. Los Angeles

“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, Billionaires do.”- JP Morgan


On March 18th, 2018, I will be presenting at the New Life Expo at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan, NY. If you’re in the area, please drop by. We will be learning how to Access Your Super Power Abilities. You’ll walk away awed by your own super power, psychic abilities. If you any questions about the New Life Expo, please email me or go their website: http://newlifeexpo.com/