Making Magic Every Day!


Amazon Best Selling author, international Advisor to Public Figures, Celebrities, Business Professionals & trusted mentor to seekers, I’ve literally given thousands of readings in my life.

From a Former University Adjunct, and highly recognized educator, I’ve been able to utilize my highly developed intuitive abilities working with students, parents, and clients.

I hold a Master's Degree in Linguistics from NYU, attending the University of Kiel, West Germany (taught abroad as well for more than 5 years) and have been educating for four decades. I’ve appeared on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, discussing intuitive development in children. I’m the founder of Psi-Kids, where children and adults learn to develop, trust and utilize their psychic & intuitive abilities. While residing in Washington State, I cofounded a magic school for children, where children learned to use more of their minds in a very different manner.

I’ve created The MindPower Edge and Psi-Kids. I love teaching & guiding you to work with your own powerful intuitive abilities while introducing you to unrevealed mindpower techniques!

"Elly, do you know how amazing your gift is? I have seen and met magicians in India who saw me miles away and told me my story. You are in that category. Never forget that. Thank you again" Professor of Film, NYU - MCN- New York, July 2019